What Signs Are Most Prone to Drug Addiction?

Question by Cappychic: What signs are most prone to drug addiction?
What signs in your experience are more prone to drug addiction?From what Ive seen your rarely ever see aries or leos addicts.Most people with drug or alcohol addiction are virgo,capricorn,taurus,pisces and scorpio,and cancer all the earth and water signs!
Im not trying to insult anyone,I agree most people that drink or do drugs are most likely depressed.
Im just saying from the people Ive met its mostly earth and water signs,I was just curious to see other peoples experiences.Honestly I know a lot of leos and none of them do crack or meth only couple smoke herb once in a while.

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Answer by phantasticphotog
Signs are not, people are.

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Knowing The Signs Of Drug Abuse / Educational Video – Knowing The Signs Of Drug Abuse / Educational Video. Public domain video.


West Virginia Employers Seek Solutions for Drugs in Workplace

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She suggested employers call their health insurance providers, or read the fine print, to learn what treatment options are covered for addicts. Companies also need to educate supervisors on the symptoms of drug abusers and have an employee assistance …
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Wondering if a loved one has a prescription drug problem? Check out this list of warning signs. http://t.co/NX7UTPP6 – by TreatmentCOPB (The Treatment Center)


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RT @Budjette: RT @Budjette: cable show abt drug addicts “Signs of addiction:doesn’t comb hair,doesn’t change clothes,sloppy dresser” that’s how we loo … – by dexter_neal64 (dexter64)


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cable show abt drug addicts “Signs of addiction:doesn’t comb hair,doesn’t change clothes,sloppy dresser” that’s how we look like after OT! – by Budjette (Budjette Tan)


11 Responses to What Signs Are Most Prone to Drug Addiction?

  • flowers says:

    What research are your results based on please?

  • Pree says:

    i think the type of ppl who are most prone to drug addiction are depressed ppl..those who feel they have nothing to live for or lose..hence not so worried about messing with drugs and becoming addict.

  • I'M a pisces says:

    your wrong about leo’s my bf is a leo & hes a total drug addict. Total. He smokes pot, crack, meth & does opiates.

    I do smoke pot on occasion

    I think all water signs are prone.

  • Sparrowbird says:

    I knew a Leo AND an Aries who were raging alcoholics, an Aquarius who smoked weed to the point they had a constant smile on their face, a Libra who popped pills like it was candy…

    Sun sign shows little correlation to drug addiction, in my opinion. The classic answer is Pisces, of course, because of their connection to Neptune. However, I think you need to look at the whole chart – there are many different aspects that may manifest into drug addiction, not to mention transits are also important. One person might take drugs because they’re lonely, another might take drugs because they hate themselves, another might take drugs because they find it to be spiritual… there are too many factors involved to point to just the sun sign.

  • jeon =] says:

    well of course anyone could be addicted to drugs.

    But i have read that Pisces is the most prone to drug addiction, the reason is that pisces is one of the most emotional signs and that could lead to drugs and pisces is also one of the more depressed signs, in general pisces has an addictive personality.

    another reason it might be pisces is because pisces alternate between living in the “real” world and there “dream” world, drugs are the perfect thing to use to escape the harsh real world that pisces fears so much, and like pisces is very interested in things like dreams and mystical subjects.. how do you think they would feel when there high, like there in a dream of course. thats why i think pisces is the most prone to drug addiction…
    and i have read it on a few websites.

    the website i posted says it, just go to the bottom where it says pisces health, and it tells you about how pisces is prone to drug addiction. And also it doesn’t have to be drugs, it can be food or sex.
    😀 hope i helped,

    forget the other people they don’t know how to take a question without offense,

    Pisces sun
    Gemini rising
    Aries moon

    Yes i am a Pisces with an addiction.

  • KBizz says:

    I beg to differ…one of my good friends is an Aries & she’s an addict, my brother’s a Leo & he’s been an addict.
    I’ve personally known a lot of Virgos who were addicts, it actually surprised me. But it’s usually the speedy stuff they’re addicted to.
    I’ve also known a lot of Geminis who love to drink.
    I’ll agree with Pisces & water signs though. Especially Pisces, we tend to love to escape & explore other realms & obviously drugs would aid in that.
    These are just my personal experiences but I’m sure I’ll get a surplus of thumbs down haha.

  • maybeacomedian says:

    Scorpio and Pisces are most prone to serious substance abuse. Proven fact. I don’t need to cite it, look it up if you don’t believe me.

    Aquarius are a likely sign to use marijuana, recreationally. Just look at fellow Aquarius, Bab Marley: probably the biggest and most famous marijuana enthusiast of all time.

  • kht124 says:

    the? chick with glasses is very knowledgeable

  • LudicrousScotty101 says:

    Drugs? drugs drugs Damn. do you think they are worse today than say 25 years ago?

  • arielba says:

    i was never a big fan of the ‘pat’ sketches on SNL … but, wow, the Lieutenant? has a striking resemblance to Pat. uncanny, really.

  • snake9210 says:

    haha? so high

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