Chris Benoit Had Brain Damage That Could Have Something to Do With Murder Suicide?

Question by FBI(female body inspector): Chris Benoit had brain damage that could have something to do with murder suicide?

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Answer by DiRTi DiVA [AWF_KFC_RRF]
Possibly .. we`re probably going to keep solving clues, but never going to figure out what really happened.

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Kevin’s meth story – – Recovering meth addict Kevin tells his story of drug abuse.


Stumbo sees successes in fight against drug abuse

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The store is similar to the Apple Store, and will sell Windows 8 and the new Surface tablet, asFull Story > … The law is aimed at curtailing prescription drug abuse in a state where more people have died from prescription overdoses than from car crashes.
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26 Responses to Chris Benoit Had Brain Damage That Could Have Something to Do With Murder Suicide?

  • Queen of Extreme says:

    we know… but thanxx anyway 🙂;_ylt=AppGloV4D7y7ZXQYDdezVVRMxQt.?qid=20070905194517AAv8RQe

  • misshildy1(KST) says:

    That news has been in circulation for most of the day. To answer your question. And I know I am gonna catch heat for this but what the heck. IF Chris had done it, that is what would have caused it.

  • moonscope says:

    FBI; Yes that and Steroids!

    Outlaw Flying Head-Butts and Sledgehammers, as far as Chairs and stuff, make injury reports public, we will Police, case by case.

    With “all respect intended” identified Extreme steroid users Vince, HHH and Orton portray demented qualities and require examination! Wellness policy needs long-term disability insurance benefits!

    Withdrawal from Extreme steroid use weakens, is brutal, and irreversible, so addictions despised.

    Research Chris Benoit “Obsessed with Wrestling” he worked about 350 day’s per. year over-bounding the 300 day per, year WWE claims.

    Toxicity is Mute! … … … Rage-Roid is Mute!

    Steroid mismanagement induced medicinal insanity with both; Frontal Lobe and Brain Stem Damage, evidenced.

    Chris restocked and displayed his On-line steroids when he had the time to Flush.

    Family Bible display intending to silence past story-line believers.

    Nancy Benoit’s recent Neck reconstruction Surgery’s was healing, wife abuse was accused by Chavo’ & Eddie’s Widow late in 2006!

    Daniel “may” have been in steroid development?

    Disablement’ diagnosis “or” Drug Indictment, was to limit wrestling stature.

    Because of that and this! Chris Benoit’s 2009 “Hall Of Fame.”

  • Violette says:

    This is my opinion on what is based on reality…Like any ordinary family, A husband is always providing for his family, Benoit did work 300 days a year, Workout a lot, Spent time away and with family…Paying bills, dealing with issues, that no body knew because he was very private… I believe that Nancy (May God Rest Her Soul) wanted Chris to be more at home than being on the road, which I understand, but taking him off the road and be a family man isn’t quite what You would expect from Benoit, nonetheless, He was being demoted by the WWE themselves as having him give pushes to new talent that was coming in…. A lot of things may have been running through his mind…. In my honest opinion, Everybody knew he loved his children, All the fingers were pointed to him, I mean, Nancy could have killed her son, before Chris got home, and I guess maybe when he got home he just saw somethings that shocked him, beat his wife and killed her…then killed himself because his image was everything… The only people who truly knew why this happened are already dead….Who knows maybe Eddie knew some things too….. Again it’s my opinion, I can’t really point fingers to anyone

  • Hector says:

    Yeah…crazy 2 just think that

  • A_WWE_DIVA says:

    The steroids, along with other drugs he was taking, probably did fry his brain. Had anybody known Chris was this ill, it may haved saved his familie’s lives and his. It’s a shame how his illness came out, after the fact.:(

  • skateboarder940 says:

    So when does weed get legalized??

  • SumthinSmellz says:

    if youre gonna smoke something make sure its green? and not white…

  • sipeirson says:

    such a? nice dude … good luck brother

  • TheTimoleon34 says:

    nice guy. ?

  • italianman004 says:

    basically well? basically and basically

  • Yolo Papi says:

    I hope? this guys still sober.

  • ElliottSmithCovered says:

    This guys smart, seems pretty casual. Good for him, I should probably take a page from his book and put my pipe down. But I know I probably won’t any time? soon

  • rockgor says:

    No point in having? the questions when they can’t be heard.

  • tuodekab says:

    i think the mental and physical agony endured when coming off meth is so unbearable that they are unknowingly just? self medicating the depression due to their depleted serotonin…that’s why they get immediately hooked…they’re depressed from heroin withdrawals and they hit meth and realize that the world is a wonderful place again..this feeling only lasts so long and then? you go back to hell on earth…depression alone fucks people and makes people do irrational shit

  • nybrite46 says:

    I have a lot of respect for this guy after listening to him. I? hope he stayed clean.

  • Kevin Ahrweiler says:

    shit, my names kevin?

  • mackawack12346 says:

    Shut your condescending? mouth, you hypocritical bong lover! Why don’t you take it easy and eat some doritos, asshole!

  • SmokeWeedEveryDay629 says:

    Have a good? life

  • mackawack12346 says:

    I know? the most important part. It’s great!

  • SmokeWeedEveryDay629 says:

    You watch Breaking? Bad? You must know everything about meth

  • MaCe313 says:

    Im so lucky i still live with my parents. They are so patient with me even though i fight with them like a? lunatic. I feel so ashamed and i have crpling anxiety but i still go to college and trying to get my life back. Its an uphill battle but the only other way is down.

  • Monkeymanmoog says:

    Hope this guys? still out there clean and sober!

  • CallME12625104812 says:

    Call? Me!

  • j011e says:

    This really? proves that addicts can change their lives if they really want to.

  • Blkdrmz says:

    Don’t think that because? people classify all illegal drugs the same that they are. JUST BECAUSE YOU SMOKE A LITTLE MARY JANE EVERY NOW AND THEN DOESN’T MEAN THAT OTHER DRUGS WON’T GET YOU ADDICTED. I have seen so many of my friends move from marijuana on to harder stuff like XTC, crack, coke, meth, pills, etc. Self control is everything.

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