Ex-Marine Shot 60 Times by SWAT in Arizona


Ex-Marine Shot 60 Times By SWAT In Arizona – From: abcnews.go.com May 19, 2011 – Jose Guerena, 26, was killed in his Tucson home during a drug raid.FAIR USE NOTICE: This video may contain copyrighted material. Such material is made available for educational purposes only. This constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in Title 17 USC section 106A-117 of the US Copyright Law.


Arizona Man Faces Drug, Burglary Charges After Vet Break-In

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An Arizona man is scheduled to appear in two local municipal courts next week after police say he burglarized a local animal hospital and made off with various prescription drugs. Police say Christopher R. Haas, 29, of Surprise, Ariz., broke into …
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Mexican Teenager Shot Dead By US Border Agent

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The killing of a 16-year-old brings sharp criticism from Mexico over America's use of lethal force to protect its borders. 1:58pm UK, Friday … Officers had been watching two suspended smugglers drop drugs on the US side of the border at Nogales in …
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'Stingrays' use to tap phones challenged

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When a federal judge in Texas this year did grasp the technology, he denied an application by Drug Enforcement Administration investigators who wanted to use a stingray. "They did not address what the government would do with the cell phone numbers …
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21 Responses to Ex-Marine Shot 60 Times by SWAT in Arizona

  • rammstein2k says:

    Wow not only did they shoot? him they let him die

  • Bishop Howells says:

    Did you see how may holes there were in the outside wall? More like a goddam John Woo movie than a controlled entry IMHO. When ballistics come back? with the identity of the shooter responsible for them it will be an interesting day in court.

  • BlessUSAGod says:

    Yeah this is how actually we honor our brave? sons.

  • kaptainbastard says:

    This? never happened to bill clinton when he was smuggling drugs.

  • americannapalm says:

    yep…an hour? sounds about right…when my friends and i were all yanked out of an apartment for no reason at all at gunpoint…it took them an hour to get the fuck out of our business…

  • whalesushi101 says:

    If that was the case and the? findings then the police should have been done for murder and whatever else.
    Why did the police suspect him in the first place for?
    I don’t want to pass to much judgement untill I have the whole story.

  • wesmagyar says:

    They found no drugs. The man was innocent. Cops didn’t announce themselves and just busted in his door. He was scared and had his AR-15 saftied and not in a firing position as a soldier should the officers saw him and just started shooting. if there? was EVER a clear cut case of Police brutality this is it. The kicker is they stopped the EMT crews from getting to him until it was to late. 76 minutes… i mean seriously…

  • thefives7ar says:

    Drugs or? Marijuana, big difference?

  • youhot691 says:

    he was a marine! He was paranoid ,? he used to serve, obviously if he hears his house being raid or broken into he will try to protect his family!

  • FutureCav says:

    he had a right to bear arms in his own home. he? didnt take a shot at the they opened the door and opened fire

  • ezye2011 says:

    Those cops should be shot.. protect n serve my ass they shot a true hero? n all they will get for this probably is two weeks suspension with pay…smh

  • whalesushi101 says:

    I don’t want to jump to any conclusions but was the man found guilty of? anything?
    What was the outcome of this?

  • Crustycatv says:

    Fuck that?

  • brad3378 says:

    yeah, 60 bullet wounds isn’t enough to assume that the police were using excessive force. ? Excessive force requires at least 300 bullet holes.

  • ronald smith says:

    of course he had a gun, the swat gave it to him after they murdered him?

  • littlebill606 says:

    Not? enough here to make any judgement.

  • SimonMr7 says:

    The police clearly sounded their siren and also shouted through the door several times that they were cops executing a warrant before they entered. The police have since had the shooting investigated and cleared. Many of the dead man’s family have been indicted for? drug trafficking.

  • SimonMr7 says:

    Why did that ex-Marine greet the police while carrying an automatic weapon? His brothers have since been indicted for dealing more than 4 million dollars worth of drugs. The government chose not to reveal to the public the case they had against Guerena because it was based on the testimony of a confidential informant and they didn’t want to reveal the informant’s identity when the suspect was dead.

    The police were right to shoot him. He was? posing a deadly threat to them with his AR-15.

  • DOGxxFART says:

    shame on? you!

  • Marinesofairsoft1121 says:

    @altaqqadum96 Dont fuck? with the Corps.

  • 5prints says:

    fire the lawyer,? you wont win anything with a voice like that

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