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Anxiety and Depression , HELP?

Question by : Anxiety And Depression , HELP?
I’ve been diagnosed with anxiety and depression since August 2010 , i was really stressed so i did Ecstasy, drinking alot of alcohol , and smoking alot of marijuana , hurting my mother, letting & friends down, failing in school, and losing a girlfriend. I’ve been getting really depressed then ever before I’ve took a test and it says im depressed and i need help, i was never depressed like this before only the since my anxiety , i was always stressed here and there before my anxiety but now i just can’t stop thinking bad and i never have a good day , I just recently after my anxiety got better with my family , started doing better in school, making friends, and stop doing drugs period. But why do i feel depressed and sad ? I get sad over things that happen years ago like how my dad passed away before my anxiety i wasn’t depressed that much , i missed & loved my father, and since my anxiety all i think about is regret of what i did in the past, and its never off my head never , i have fear of death when i get bad anxiety but i would never do suicide , that’s just not me , even tho i feel hopeless sometimes , I used to have a psychiatrist , but recently i was locked up in Juvenile Hall for a few months , for probation violation *long story* but when once I got out my anxiety and depression just got worse. Since i was locked up i stopped going and plus my mother does not enough money to pay for the psychiatrist and therapy, I am motivated to treat my anxiety & depression and i know deep down im not going to live like this forever , but i always have bad thoughts in my head and no matter how hard i try to make those thoughts go away they stay in my head throughout the day , please is there a cure for depression and anxiety ? and give me your thoughts of what i should do , im only 16 ! but i’ve been through rough times and currently struggling , just help me out please , i want to get better and i want a brighter future , but its so hard to live in pain , my depression makes me feel down in the dumps , and alone and sometimes i don’t want to talk to no one , i just wanna go back to the old me a few years ago when i was smiling all the time, happy , and never had bad thoughts in my head and always thought positive , i miss my younger days , but now im close to being 17 and i feel like crap . What should i do guys , im just panicking and im probably typing the same words but you know just help me out ,

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Answer by Jordan Pickell
If you’ve got friends at least you’re miles ahead of most people who suffer from anxiety and depression. In terms of my life I suffer from anxiety and severe depression. Worst part is I got no one, no friends no girl friend and every day is torture for me. I feel you man I know what it’s like living like this. Soon time to call it quits and get out can’t handle it any longer, not like this never like this….

I hope it works out for you anyway man IF you’re still well seek help a counselor a good friend or whatever. Cherish the people you do have and don’t take it for granted because there are people out there ie : me for one who don’t have that…

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