Is It Right for California to Declare War on Arizona?

Question by worker4IAM <'><: Is it right for California to Declare War on Arizona?
Causing deliberate Financial Hardship or Damage to make someone concede or see things your way ????

Sounds like War to Me !
Don’t be Naive, The Methods of War vary in many ways.

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I’m not sure what your referring to…the article you referenced says nothing of War, and states cannot declare war as that would be unconstitutional. Only Congress, is giving the Power to engage the nation into war.

*Article One, Section Eight of the Constitution

war (wôr) noun
a. A state of open, ARMED, often prolonged conflict carried on between nations, states, or parties.
b. The period of such conflict.
c. The techniques and procedures of war; military science.

Christianman: Wow that is very Christian of you to pre-judge all Liberals as if you knew there thoughts, do you presume to be G-d to judge and Know man….Read your Bible….Be Compassionate and Love your fellow man….There are so many Bible passages that contradict what you just said…there is not room for me to list them all….I suggest you dust off your Bible and actually READ IT…instead of just CALLING yourself a Christianman.

(I am not a Liberal or Conservative)
Yes there are many ways of war, still a REAL war must be declared officially which the US Constitution explicitly permits to ONLY Congress…therefore it is IMPOSSIBLE for California to war against Arizona.

again: Article One, Section Eight of the Constitution

saludos a toda la Gente de Buena Fe

G-d bless
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6 Responses to Is It Right for California to Declare War on Arizona?

  • ? christianman says:

    Liberals don’t care about America, just their agenda.

  • OldGringo says:

    Two reasons not to be concerned:
    1. Declaration of war is reserved for the Federal Government,specifically to the Legislative branch. No matter how irritated the different states get at each other,they can not declare war on one another.
    2. You cite Fox news as a source.

  • skeptik says:

    You’ve got a really bizarre definition of war there.

  • Dan the Man says:

    Some of those answering don’t know the multiple uses of “war” in English, like the war on drugs means to work against drug abuse. A number of cities, like San Francisco, are waging a war against Arizona.

    Our nation is experiencing financial hardships with 10% unemployed and Obama is refusing to stop the flow of illegal labor, but wants to give them all amnesty because he knows he will need their votes in 2012. Arizona is only doing what Obama refuses to do. Votes and political expediency is these politicians driving force, not what’s good for America. That’s why politicians in California want to wage war on Arizona, they are catering to the large Hispanic vote, especially in key districts. California’s legislature has a large Democrat majority, and their spending has made California a debtor state. It’s just a bunch of idiots. What do you expect from leftist ideal logs but amoral situational ethics.

    Diseases that were once almost completely eradicated in the US have been on the rise due to all the illegal immigrants, like tuberculosis. Areas of California have declared whooping cough epidemics.

  • tim murphy says:

    What was this video accomplishing?

  • amfgraphics says:

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