Anxiety and Depression , HELP?

Question by : Anxiety And Depression , HELP?
I’ve been diagnosed with anxiety and depression since August 2010 , i was really stressed so i did Ecstasy, drinking alot of alcohol , and smoking alot of marijuana , hurting my mother, letting & friends down, failing in school, and losing a girlfriend. I’ve been getting really depressed then ever before I’ve took a test and it says im depressed and i need help, i was never depressed like this before only the since my anxiety , i was always stressed here and there before my anxiety but now i just can’t stop thinking bad and i never have a good day , I just recently after my anxiety got better with my family , started doing better in school, making friends, and stop doing drugs period. But why do i feel depressed and sad ? I get sad over things that happen years ago like how my dad passed away before my anxiety i wasn’t depressed that much , i missed & loved my father, and since my anxiety all i think about is regret of what i did in the past, and its never off my head never , i have fear of death when i get bad anxiety but i would never do suicide , that’s just not me , even tho i feel hopeless sometimes , I used to have a psychiatrist , but recently i was locked up in Juvenile Hall for a few months , for probation violation *long story* but when once I got out my anxiety and depression just got worse. Since i was locked up i stopped going and plus my mother does not enough money to pay for the psychiatrist and therapy, I am motivated to treat my anxiety & depression and i know deep down im not going to live like this forever , but i always have bad thoughts in my head and no matter how hard i try to make those thoughts go away they stay in my head throughout the day , please is there a cure for depression and anxiety ? and give me your thoughts of what i should do , im only 16 ! but i’ve been through rough times and currently struggling , just help me out please , i want to get better and i want a brighter future , but its so hard to live in pain , my depression makes me feel down in the dumps , and alone and sometimes i don’t want to talk to no one , i just wanna go back to the old me a few years ago when i was smiling all the time, happy , and never had bad thoughts in my head and always thought positive , i miss my younger days , but now im close to being 17 and i feel like crap . What should i do guys , im just panicking and im probably typing the same words but you know just help me out ,

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Answer by Jordan Pickell
If you’ve got friends at least you’re miles ahead of most people who suffer from anxiety and depression. In terms of my life I suffer from anxiety and severe depression. Worst part is I got no one, no friends no girl friend and every day is torture for me. I feel you man I know what it’s like living like this. Soon time to call it quits and get out can’t handle it any longer, not like this never like this….

I hope it works out for you anyway man IF you’re still well seek help a counselor a good friend or whatever. Cherish the people you do have and don’t take it for granted because there are people out there ie : me for one who don’t have that…

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  • Runner Girl says:

    Anthony, I’m very sorry to hear you are going through so much pain. Depression is a very serious medical illness caused by chemical imbalances in the brain and it will continue to worsen without medical treatment. Even though you are not suicidal right now, but you may become suicidal if your depression progresses. You need to see a doctor, receive antidepressants to treat the depression/anxiety, and receive counseling for your father’s death and all the other difficulties your are facing. There are a lot of antidepressants on the market and you & your physician may need to work together to try out several different antidepressants before you two determine which one is best for you. Some antidepressants treat anxiety as well. Does your school have a counselor or psychologist you can talk with about this problem? Perhaps they can refer you to a psychiatrist. A school counselor may also know about any free or low-cost mental health clinics or programs in your local area. You also may be able to talk with a pastor or priest. Some churches may know a mental health professional that would be willing to see you at low or no cost.

    In addition to antidepressants and counseling, exercise is also suppose to help depression.

    Certain vitamin deficiencies can also contribute to depression, so a health diet is also important.

    Stay away from the alcohol and drugs. They provide only a false temporary relief / self-medication, and once they wear off they’ll leave you even more depressed.

    Most importantly, you need to treat your soul. Ask God for help. He is the divine healer. And I don’t mean casually ask him for help. I mean really spend time in daily prayer, reading the Bible, reflection, receiving the sacraments, etc. Trust in Him, feel His love surround you, and let Him be a father to you. Satan uses every opportunity to gain power on humans. When someone is very depressed, he/she loses much control on her thoughts and actions. They can become putty in the hands of Satan. But God can protect and heal you. There is a Catholic Priest named Father John Corapi. He started his adulthood off in the military, then he became a wealthy business-man and engaged in the vices of the high-life: sex, drugs, money, power. But those vices led to his becoming a drug-addict, homeless, mentally-ill and suicidal. He spent a year in a mental ward & rehab. When he reached his lowest point, he had a conversion and turned back to God.
    Father Corapi has done many talks on suffering, healing, addiction, spiritual warfare, God’s mercy, forgiveness, etc. You can view some of his talks for free on the internet or EWTN. You can also browse through all his available talks and purchase them in the below website.

    I really hope that this info might help you Anthony.

  • Simeon Cooke says:

    Hey anthony, I understand the challenges that arise when dealing with panic attacks and/or anxiety. I have a close freind who struggled to take control over these attacks. Nothing worked for her until she came across the panic away program. She’s been having great success with it, maybe this could work for you.

    Good luck.

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