Help Me Understand Drug Addictions?

Question by Kcward / Ninian: Help me understand drug addictions?
I am not an addictive person there for i do not understand it, but i have a friend, that has a problem. I am trying to understand why and how to help him.

See he is 26yrs old. He can move to a place and get a job and establish his self a little and not do any drugs or drink. Then one day he can just up and leave everything he has and not tell anyone where he is going. He can leave with only the cloths on his back and thats it.

No one is really sure where he goes and when he come back he don’t really talk about it. Now this time he and his girlfriend did it and there gone. I got his girlfriend to get him to email me to let me know he was ok and i asked him what i was supposed to do with his things. He simply said give it away. What is it that makes him leave everything and how do i get him to stop doing it. I am the only one that is willing to help. everyone else has given up on him. He is not a bad person and has never stolen anything and don’t break the law. When talking to him he says he in not happy, and he is also not happy when he is gone. So why does he do it. There is alot more i could type here but it would take all night. Does anyone have any ideas on what i should do to get him some help.


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Answer by Fernandes S
Once an error is clearly and fully understood, it need not be repeated. Addiction is to the false Self. Drugs and Alcohol are just self-medication trying to alleviate the pain caused by that addiction .
Pls read from this web site:

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