Prescription Drug Abuse Victims


Abuse Victims – A video of young adults who died because of Prescription Drugs. Made this for a class. All pictures taken from The Partnership For a Drug Free America.


From Twitter:

Lying in bed taking pictures of your dog is the best start to a successful drug abuse weekend. – by SydneyShapiro2 (Sydney Shapiro )


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RT @ChristyMack: I don’t know why all of you take my abuse… #MackMonday pictures must be one hell of a drug. Here’s a treat: http://t. … – by eminem4ever2012 (eminem)


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RT @ChristyMack: I don’t know why all of you take my abuse… #MackMonday pictures must be one hell of a drug. Here’s a treat: http://t. … – by jchous12 (Aztec Warrior)


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17 Responses to Prescription Drug Abuse Victims

  • 123231100 says:

    Ok, I get the video and whatever, but I hate this song? so much!

  • MAKER6450 says:

    oh yeah….thats exactly what i? said

  • mcclanerobertsjolund says:

    and what your so? hard core that you’ve done more?

  • mtndewman3000 says:

    That’s a shame that all of those people have died from prescription drugs. Ha ha I took a lot of prescription? drugs and I didn’t even die. Ha ha in two years I took like six or seven different pills and I’m still alive. So, these people probably took a lot of pills to die.

  • schlegelt says:

    “He died from alcohol, marijuana, and prescription pain relievers”
    No, only two of those things can kill.
    “Meet Joe. He died from overdosing on meth, heroin, and he also? ate a Twinkie several hours before.”

  • Connor Cahill says:

    i swear to God if I ever have to do one more fuckin jvla? thing…

  • makeiteasyable says:

    very well done?

  • gadionson1 says:

    this video is very? true. young people please stop abusing drugs.

  • magla345 says:

    i would like to know what can be? done about persons promoting teen drug abuse on youtube.

  • MAKER6450 says:

    @fizzy408 are you a fukn idiot?
    it didnt say he died from weed….weed was just one of the? drugs he was using while he died.
    ppl like you are pathetic….you bitch about weed….you comment about it every chance you get.
    Its probably the only drug you have done.

  • JemGC20 says:

    your an idiot. weed ruins both your? mind and body – its a scientific fact.

  • JemGC20 says:

    @saffnpepa very? well done on sorting your body out. 🙂

  • Paul Cugini says:

    @fizzy408 WO WO WO Take it easy. You will get your point across better in an Intelligent manner. I do understand what you are saying because I am currently prescribed a drug that every time some one overdoses it is mentioned. If taken as prescribed(as I do) you? will not die from it but they always have to mention it as if that’s what killed the person. In this case you are referring to it was a mixture and marijuana just happened to be part of it. Most people know that MJ alone cannot kill you.

  • JesusFapsToo says:

    You can’t die from Cannabis.? The alcohol in combination with prescription painkillers killed Brian Maslinski.

  • MrCbdsr says:

    nice ,,,,,but learn how? to spell xanax

  • jlamanac says:

    For those of us who are not addicted to drugs we cannot understand what or why people do these drugs and destroy? their lives. I will agree, if Aaron had only used Marijuana he would still be here today. Using prescription drugs is like playing russian roulette, its only a matter of time before they kill you; no matter what your age is. Shame on you who said awful things about these kids. They have families who see this. RIP My Son. Thanks for the video

  • jlamanac says:

    I am Aaron Mason’s Mom… found this.. LOVED IT!! The song was perfect.. we played it at his funeral. Thank you so much for your efforts to spread the dangers of these drugs. I will say that my son’s grandma was giving him these drugs for months before his death. I still do not know if the drugs he died from that night were drugs given to him or if he stole them. It really doesnt matter, the result is he is gone. These drugs are VERY? ADDICTIVE! Teens become addicted almost immedately.

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