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Boston Alcohol Treatment Centers (617) 517-6448 – Alcohol Detox – (617) 517-6448 We are Alcohol Treatment Centers in Boston, MA providing highly trained counselors and physicians demonstrating superior care. Admissions are by appointment-only after your initial confidential phone assessment. Drug Treatment Services · Alcohol Treatment · Drug Treatment · Drug Detox · Alcohol Detox · Educational Services · Recovery Meetings · Substance Abuse and Addiction Treatment Boston Drug Treatment Centers 71 Commercial Street #237 Boston, MA 02109 (617) 517-6448


Heilman: No on Question 3: Don't let Massachusetts go to Pot

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The more voters understand the details of Question 3, and what marijuana treatment centers (aka pot shops) are doing in other states, the more they don't want to open up Massachusetts to the increased crime, violence, school truancy, and community …
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