How Can I Find Drug Rehabs in Lexington, Kentucky?

Question by ashlynn b: How can I find drug rehabs in Lexington, Kentucky?
My dad is addicted to heroin, and I want to find a drug rehab center for him. Any ideas?

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Answer by “TWIST”
the salvation army is your best bet.
but he has a tough road ahead of him with heroin addiction.

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Louisville Kentucky Drug Rehab Clinics – There are different signs and symptoms of alcoholism and addiction that will determine whether or not a person has a genuine problem. Because alcohol is so intricately woven into the culture of the United States, there are a lot of people who truly enjoy imbibing on social occasions and sharing a drink with others. However, because drinking alcohol is such a common occurrence, it can make it very hard to determine when the situation becomes serious. The consequences surrounding alcoholism can be complex and challenging, but the sooner a person seeks treatment for an addiction to alcohol the better the possibilities of a positive outcome are. For more information give us a call at 1-866-211-5538.


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Knox County Commissioners have asked local housing operations to submit requests for proposals to rehab the properties by cleaning them up, building a house or two, and then selling them. There are dozens of the neglected parcels available in the city …
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2 Responses to How Can I Find Drug Rehabs in Lexington, Kentucky?

  • cielo c says:

    Asking a healthcare provider or a doctor for some recommendations would be good. Make sure to contact the treatment centers and find out how they conduct the treatments (what medications, treatment methods, etc). Looking through the telephone directory will also yield a list of the drug rehabs in your area. I’m glad your dad is finally on his way to recovering. Good luck!

  • timberbutcher2programmer says:

    Police are also a suggestion.

    Or use a metasearch engine (,, are a few of the better ones.

    Use the search criteria “Drug rehab in Kentucky”, make sure you include the quotation marks other wise the metasearch engine finds pages that have any word you use in the search string.

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