What Are the Treatments in a Florida Drug Rehab?

Question by finny f: What are the treatments in a Florida drug rehab?
I have a friend who is suffering from drug addiction and she now wants to come clean. She had tried to talk to her parents about it, but she’s to scared to do so. She asked my help to find a drug rehab where she can get treatment. I have heard that Florida has the best drug rehabs. I would also like to find out what treatments are offered in a Florida drug rehab.

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Answer by paul r
In Florida, drug rehabs usually have two treatments: inpatient treatment and outpatient treatment. Although both treatments should be attended to for quite some time, the first would usually require patients to be admitted to a rehab facility while the latter allows the patient to get rehab treatment at home.

A typical Florida drug rehab would always have detox as its first step in treating drug addiction. Detox has three stages: medical detox (the most painful phase where narcotics are washed away from your body), physical detox (a nutritionist would ensure that the diet is suited to the patient’s needs) and emotional detox (drug-dependence is dealt with).

Aside from providing treatments to drug addiction, drug rehabs in Florida also offer treatment to dual diagnosis or those who still find themselves dependent on drugs leading to their on-and-off duel with addiction. With Florida drug rehabs now having a holistic approach to providing longterm effects in the fight for sobriety, I know that your friend has a high chance of coming clean.

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