Wilmington North Carolina a Place for College Kid to Have Fun and Go to School?

Question by Ace: Wilmington North Carolina a place for college kid to have fun and go to school?
Choosing somewhere to attend school a friends told me that wilimington was a blast to go to school but ive been web searching and theres nothing said about it…..Im from michigan 20 want to have fun at where ever i move to…help pls

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Answer by thunder2sys

Its not the main campus of UNC (Chapel Hill), but its in Wilmington.

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3 Responses to Wilmington North Carolina a Place for College Kid to Have Fun and Go to School?

  • Kirbz. says:

    Wilmington, NC is a great place to live. In downtown on front & market street, there are plenty of things to do. Bars, nightclubs, pizza joints, and a riverfront. UNCW i’ve heard is a good school. I wouldn’t know if its one of the big party schools. ECU (in Greenville) is a big party school though, the kids get overexcited about football, and greek sanctions and such.

  • britts says:

    im from indiana, but moved to nc last year.. and believe me you will love it here… the weather is amazing all yr round lol nothing like what we have up there… it snowed here like once last yr and thy closed down like the whole state haha!!!!

    anyways im about an hour from wilmington and i love it!!!! its really nice and there is tons of stuff to doi know some people that go to the school who love it as well, who wouldnt its on the coast practiacally!!!!

  • dirtyhippy65 says:

    I don’t like Wilmington. The people I’ve met aren’t in touch with reality. Lots of money. Too many people there use their daddy’s money to buy too many drugs and end up going to rehab. People from there only hang out with other natives.

    I go to Appalachian state though so Wilmington is like the complete opposite from the kind of places i like to go to. If you want to party then ECU might be a good choice though Wilmington is plenty crazy. Wilmington’s campus is in hte city though so you don’t really get that experience that a college campus has to offer. Check it out man. I’m just one man with one opinion.

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