Enstarz – Which Other Stars Has Suffered From Drug and Alcohol Addictions?

Question by Daniel: Enstarz – Which other stars has suffered from drug and alcohol addictions?

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Answer by mrs.bieber
Michael Jackson,Amy Winehouse,and many,many more!

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Whitney Houston Death Cocaine Drowning and Heart Disease – The cause of Whitney Houston’s death has been revealed as accidental drowning with cocaine and heart disease contributing. bit.ly – Subscribe Now! Facebook.com – Like Us! Twitter.com – Follow Us! Whitney Houston died because of an accidental drowning, cocaine, and heart disease. The coroner report was just released, and revealed that marijuana, Xanax, Flexeril, and Benadryl were also in Whitney Houston’s body when she died, but did not contribute to her death. The coroner determined that Whitney Houston was a chronic cocaine user. No foul play or trauma was suspected.


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29 Responses to Enstarz – Which Other Stars Has Suffered From Drug and Alcohol Addictions?

  • Jihee says:

    Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Lady Gaga, Amy Winehouse
    Chris brown, Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton
    Kim Kardashian, Rhianna,
    like all other people you see on TV.

    I really feel bad for them that they can’t just be happy in mundane lives. they gotta be drunk to live.

    It’s is not a good role model for our children.

    in that sense, Kpopstarz are better b/c they stay clean and they dont drink smoke neither date around.

  • Pegasus says:

    Johny Cash, Janis Joplin…

  • Amber says:

    So many singers and entertainers…..:(

  • Jan N says:

    We should ask who did not… So sad…

  • JS says:

    Many suffers…but last one I remember was Amy Winehouse. She died when she was 27 or 28??

  • Kay says:

    Probably Macaulay Culkin… I think he used to. I read that he has been in pain after his divorce and suffered from drug and alcohol… maybe not now hopefully. I really wish he can become healthy and build his life style once again. He’s still young, he got future! Really wish that he revives and get some new movie roles or something… Give him a chance!

  • Beth says:

    too many. poor stars……

  • John says:

    Whitney Houston?

  • Bedeekin says:

    We would like to? say that Zanex, Flexeril, and Benadryl were present but because these are substances that the FDA approve and make lots of money from… weren’t a contributing factor… even though they are muscle relaxants that would cause one to fall asleep in the bath.

  • GodFucksChildren says:

    If she abused cocaine then she? deserve to die.

  • sylicone221 says:

    worms? enjoy this cunt hehehehheee….Hey worms! enjoy your meal…..nice lunch….

  • sims3loser says:

    she was still on? the shit

  • sylicone221 says:

    worm food rotting corpse heehheheheheee!…worms? enjoy this cuntrag

  • sylicone221 says:

    she is worm food? and a rotting corpse! hehehehehee…worms enjoy this cunt heheheheee

  • AppleLuvsWriting says:

    very sad? =[

  • deadmanswife2 says:

    let’s put it this way she was allowed to die I don’t think? there could be any argument over that really
    in big way and in small
    I’m sure her 19 year old daughter was no picnic
    already addicted and what not since what 13 or 14 they say

  • ih8pyramids says:

    u are dumb as hell if you believe this bullcrap,? Whitney had a reason to live and it was Bobby Kris she didnt overdose SHE WAS MURDERED

  • everythingisaprocess says:

    The results are very sad, even more so than if it had been prescription drugs mixed with alchohol. We can only hope that she had a moment to make peace with God before the breath left her body. It’s sad because everyone has their personal demons and it’s very important to? realize how vunerable we? are as human beings. In her song “I did’nt know my own strength” it says “I was not built to break” but that is NOT true. We were built to break, therefore we need to take care of ourselves.Rip Whitney

  • 126runningcode3 says:

    God Bless them and their families. God Bless anyone who had died in February 2012 for that matter. Including? Whitney Houston. But i beleive they ALL deserve recognission, especialy thies men and any other person serving his/her country or community. If this offends you, forgive me. But i just thought people should know their story too.

  • 126runningcode3 says:

    Robert J. Marchanti II, John D. Loftis, Joshua A. Born, Timothy J. Conrad Jr., Allen R. McKenna Jr., Julian S. Scholten, Justin J. Wilkens, Nicholas S. Whitlock, Ryan P. Hall, Paris S. Pough, Jerry D. Reed II, Kyler? L. Estrada, Osbrany Montes De Oca, Billy A. Sutton, Terence J. Hildner, Edward J. Dycus…All U.S. Millitary, All served in foreighn countries, All gave the ulltimate sacrafice for their country in February of 2012. Did anyone hear their names on the national news?

  • NippysGuard says:

    Or had a heart attack. After the? partying she did it is possible.

  • NippysGuard says:

    You see how quick people will turn on you because of your mistakes…….as if their shit doesn’t stink. Hmmmm yet we still praise Elvis? like he did nothing wrong. SMH the world is filled with a bunch of hypocrites!

  • NippysGuard says:

    Very fucking funny.?

  • nycolbebraddy says:

    If they wanted to reveal her cause of death fine I guess but I think it was rude to let out she had marijuana and zanex in her system when it had nothing to do? with her death.

  • TheStarErik1 says:

    she did not fall asleep lol wtf u dumb bitch was tweaked an fell in the tube after putting water? up her nose for her coke drips

  • JazzKeyboardist1 says:

    crack will whack attack your heart in the tub, so always take a? shower if you are doing coke, same with energy drinks

  • sam4u40 says:

    i share ur point,i was convincing myself to believe that she actually? gave up drugs,i guess i was wrong,addictive is what it is,will always love her though

  • RaedonMusicChannel says:

    whitney houston knew how to party, end? of discusion…..

  • Blueknightex says:

    So she basically fell asleep? and drowned herself to doom.

    My prayers goes out to her family especially her 18 year old daughter.

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