Where Can I Donate Clothes in Middlesex County, MA or Boston Area?

Question by derek_rogers89: Where can I donate clothes in Middlesex County, MA or Boston area?
I’d prefer a place where I can physically give it to someone. I always feel insecure about those drop off dumpsters.

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Answer by Schlitzie
Morgan Memorial

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4 Responses to Where Can I Donate Clothes in Middlesex County, MA or Boston Area?

  • mlm1975 says:

    Do you have a goodwill in your area. There they give you a tax write-off slip and help you unload it

  • Mary B says:

    Check your Yellow Pages for places like Good Will and the Salvation Army.

    If you have a Good Neighbors in your town, try it as well.

    Also, area churches take in clothes for needy parishioners.
    Other suggestions: a battered woman’s shelter, rehab centers for drug addicts and alcoholics, homeless shelters, and the Red Cross.

    I don’t blame you for not being secure about leaving stuff outside or near dumpsters.

    good luck.

  • rosends says:

    we used to walk in to Rachel’s Promise on Beacon St. but as I moved out of Brookline 12 yrs ago, I can’t be sure it is still there.

  • homenameglow says:

    Salvation Army Store-Salem

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