Hair Recovery Update and Bawang FAQs


Hair Recovery Update and Bawang FAQs – Hey everyone! So I’ve gotten a lot of questions on my “Hair Loss Story and Hair Care Routine” video, which you can watch here: I hope this video can help clarify some of your FAQs as well as share with you how my hair recovery is going. — Here are 2 related news articles that cleared the ‘cancer scare’ rumors (you might have to copy and paste the links if they don’t work): ?( ?Here is another article about China’s Drug Administration saying that it’s safe: ( I wasn’t really worried to begin with because I saw how well it worked for me. But if you are really doubtful and afraid to use it, then I suggest you don’t. Sometimes believing in something makes it work better =). (Although I didn’t believe Bawang would work in the beginning because it smelled like Lotus seed bun to me. =p) — FTC Disclaimer: I paid for all items. I am neither affiliated with Bawang nor compensated for this video. All opinions are my own.


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17 Responses to Hair Recovery Update and Bawang FAQs

  • Lisa Eisenhower says:

    I don’t know whether the bawang products from sasa are authentic. I got my bawang from oasisherb. com. I know their products are authentic. After I have used? it for 2 days, I noticed my hair thicker and softer.

  • KarinaRoseMassey says:

    I don’t know if you’d be able to answer this, but if you? stop using the shampoo, will the hair loss happen again? I know it does with Women’s Rogaine and stuff, which is why I’ll never touch it. I’m using Nioxin right now, but it’s twenty bucks for a small bottle.

  • rockdizshi3ttt says:

    so……….. how often do you wash your hair? Daily??? morning and night??
    how many times a week do you apply the product you use?
    I? use to shampoo and wash my hair 2 times? a day but then i heard that i’m only drying out my hair and killing it. Thanks for your tips!

  • lorilievalmores says:

    so? does the blackening shampoo really helps with hair loss ??? i need an answer tnx 🙂

  • nepheyr says:

    Does anyone know if the bawang products from are? authentic?

  • theprazeeta says:

    Hello, can you please tell me what is the outer color of? the Bawang shampoo that you liked? I couldn’t really figure out the color in your video as it looks kinda brown/black and viewing it in ebay made me more confused.

  • onyxtrs says:

    Hi, do you? have a link for the black bottle? I found some sites that sell it but can’t tell if they are the green or black bottle.

  • verdugo83 says:

    Does this blackening shampoo also help for hair loss?? I recently bought this one on ebay but I did notice it did not say it was for hair loss and that is the #1 reason I bought it! I hope? it helps me. What do you think??

  • kitty0048 says:

    garlic shampoo works. u can try nutrine garlic shampoo. also, onion. onion juice contains sulfer and whatnot that helps your hair grow. i actually have a blend of onion juice, oils and egg yolk in my hair as i type this lol but u can do? ur own research, just google this stuff. i think that is what works best for natural hair that’s thinning tho

  • Lee Joon says:

    it depends, if ur? losing hair in the shower less than 10 strands.. its normal.
    but if ur losing hair during the day then it may be a concern

  • Mengru Li says:

    where did? you buy it?

  • 1NoSecret says:

    Regarding gawking the vitamin? d

  • 1NoSecret says:

    My? hair has stopped falling out a lot but it will take a year of effort with vitamins food and water to see an improvement I think

  • Titus13th says:

    Did it grow back if I may ask? I’m currently suffering? a bit so it would be nice to know if something out there I might help. Thanks.

  • yayhappywendy says:

    does the blackening one actually darken your hair? i like my natural hair color.. its? not a complete? black

  • LoveLaiLau says:

    hey!! my bawang bottle is a? creamy color…. is that another brand!?!

  • 1NoSecret says:

    You could be low in vitamin D or other vitamins = get a blood test from your doctor.? I had hair loss due to vitamin d being very low.

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