What Causes a Vertigo Spell, Other Than the Ear ?

Question by melvin_stout: what causes a vertigo spell, other than the ear ?

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Answer by Mystress
Dehydration. Drink water. 🙂

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5 Responses to What Causes a Vertigo Spell, Other Than the Ear ?

  • john c says:

    I am not sure but I sure need a facial and some new teeth.

  • Tammy G says:

    I got it one time when we were working on our ceiling and kept looking up and down all the time. The shifting movements caused it. There is medicine you can take but it always made me really sleepy.

  • uncle billy says:

    maybe anxiety could play a roll.

  • Lady ALMA of Avalon Grailguard says:

    Me????? Twisted eyesight from accidents and bumps in the road…..

  • Senor Pig says:

    That’s pretty much it. Vertigo has to go with a sense of balance and that is primarily tied to the communication between the inner ear and the brain. Might also be Menear’s disease.

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