Internet Addiction Rehab Helps Students Kick the Habit


Internet addiction rehab helps students kick the habit – SUBSCRIBE to Next Media Animation: Internet addiction has become a serious issue among young students in Taiwan, at least that’s what Taiwanese politicians are saying. To prevent “deviant behavior” and other social issues resulted to internet addiction among students, the government has introduced internet addiction rehab for kids. Carol’s Facebook: Facebook: Webpage: Twitter @nmatv: Tumblr: According to a study from National Changhua University of Education, 20 percent of Taiwanese students are internet addicts, just slightly behind South Korea, which has the worst internet addiction rate for children in Asia. Withdraw symptoms can occur if addicts are prevented from going online. Psychotherapy and medical treatment may be required to assist the process of rehabilitation.


Social sites like Facebook linked to psychotic episodes

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One in eight Americans suffer from problematic internet use including social media sites such as Facebook and Myspace leading to social network addiction and started to be associated to psychological disorders on a global scale. View slideshow …
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I’m starting to believe I have a serious internet addiction that I should probably seek help for – by RAY_ALNSOUUR (Ray Al-Nsour)


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RT @caminorecovery: Trapped by an internetaddiction,’ obsessed surfers seek rehab help – by daved69 (David Dee)


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