REAL LIFE DRUG STORY VIDEOS — Drug Addiction Experiences/Teenage Drugs Stories


REAL LIFE DRUG STORY VIDEOS — Drug Addiction Experiences/Teenage Drugs Stories – teenagers addiction of drugs,alcohol and other dangerous substances


H.B. film screening educates teens about drug use

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Students and parents lineup for the second of three showings of Behind the Orange Curtain, a movie about the prevalence of drug use in Orange County, at Dwyer Middle School in Huntington Beach. The recent heroin overdose death of 18-year-old Tyler …
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Studies find teen drug use on rise; what to do if you suspect a problem

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Unfortunately, teen drug use is growing. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, illegal drug use among teenagers is on the rise, largely because of the increasing popularity of marijuana. The National Center on Addiction and Drug Abuse at …


15 Responses to REAL LIFE DRUG STORY VIDEOS — Drug Addiction Experiences/Teenage Drugs Stories

  • truth9745 says:

    Stop making crapy comments. All you inconsiderate in mature people need to stop and think of all the people that have been down a bad road and down a road that has caused them their lives. You people need to think of all the people that this video could have helped. So children do we need to go over the golden rule “Treat others the way you want to be treated” So just shut up and think of someone other than yourselves. For the people? who need help and people who need help stoping. Great video

  • ForceOfTheFistVideoz says:

    If marijuana is “sooooo bad” why is it now legal fir recreational use in two more states? Shut up about marijuana. Its a? plant. Not chemicals

  • tayloruhidk says:

    weed saved? my life

  • tayloruhidk says:

    alcohol*? tobacco*

  • hasonopinion says:

    This us great. I can’t believe some if the comments I’m reading. I wish I would of seen this before going down the road I went on. Once you try pills/heroin it’s a? feeling that you always want. Its the most intense high in the world but followed by an intense low. Don’t be curious. You will never find a user that us happy they picked up.

  • terryt72 says:

    If it’s not addictive, why do people return to using? hmmm? Its? not the same? addiction as alcohol, but yes it IS addictive.

  • MrNewerdream says:

    How stupid are you? No one ADDS chemicals to marijuana, you get it as a bud, where should they? add the chemicals..? So stfu if y dont know what you talking about!

  • Jherera420 says:

    u can’t over dose n die on weed? n tha gate way theory is shit. stay elevated yall

  • alexander fitrakis says:

    Flashback AHAH made me laugh,I am still? waiting…

  • alexander fitrakis says:

    You are clearly retarded and sort sighted…?

  • MrNewerdream says:

    Marijuana comes from the earth, there is no chemicals added? in lovely mary jane.. But in alkohol there are alot och chemicals and other shit added..

  • Sage172 says:

    Marijuana affects the brain negatively if its overused and plus. I wouldn’t trust any street drug especially all of the chemicals that are even? worse that are added to it.

  • alondra jimenez says:

    people are dumb, i mean did they? not see the video. why would you guys say that marijuana is not bad, and not kill you..pleasee it can cause so much harm in your body,get you in the streets, and kill you, and make you suffer. have you ever heard of a person saying aww poor bug it broke a leg and its all suffering, and then the person kills it to get it out of its sufferment well thats the same with us! . comen sense people. you have a brain use it!

  • m0jj0jj0jj0 says:

    I dont understand. I was bored with low self esteem due to home life, had anxiety thru school, failed, had anti drug classes… i have never used drugs. Im in my 30s now. Im not judging. What i mean is – i shared a lot of those issues, but wat pushed them that bit further. I wasnt exposed 2 drug use at home but not all addicts r. From age? 18 to 22 i would binge drink at night clubs or large parties but i never drink now. I still deal with past issues but dont consider drugs. Any thoughts?

  • MrNewerdream says:

    Caus your mama told me that yesterday… And becaus Im from Sweden, I can say some things on Chineas that? I cant spell eather. Does that mean that you cant “trust me”??

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