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Meth Addiction Detox and Drug Rehab in Florida.wmv – helps people find drug rehabs and detox facilities for meth addicts in Florida as well as all over the United States. Methamphetamine is an ever growing addiction that can be treated and recovery is possible. Find a meth rehab in Florida today.


Narconon punished, stripped of defense in civil case

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Patrick Desmond, 28, was ordered by a drug court in Brevard County, FL, to undergo drug treatment. His parents wanted him in a private alternative program. With only 72-hours to choose, they found Narconon of Georgia in Norcross. Rick and Colleen …
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3 Responses to Meth Addiction Detox and Drug Rehab in Florida.wmv

  • wayinoutreach says:

    Your attitude is as toxic to society as their addiction. It does kill so you don’t have to wish it on them. Crystal Meth eats from the inside out, so just because a person doesn’t lay down, doesn’t mean? they are “alive”. Talk to one sometimes. Compassion is going to enhance humanity. “Death wishes” are whats killing us all right now, & 6 ft of earth makes us all the same size. & wouldn’t it hurt to see a Meth-head standing saved beside Jesus in heaven as you get sent to hell?

  • wakeandbakesam1 says:

    my mom suffers? from meth addiction you idiot. She is very successful. She is very depressed and ashamed of her addiction. To say that addicts should die is very ignorant of you! Think before you speak!

  • Essy7887 says:

    Really was it fun? Thought I was your buddy well guess what bro I’m your worst enemy! I hate hard core drug addicts they? all should die! Fuck meth!!!

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