Rampart (The Real Rampart) Part 1


Rampart (The Real Rampart) Part 1 – RenegadePopo.com This is an exclusive video, which explains The Real Rampart, part 1. A Renegade is someone who is unconventional, someone who shows you another way to achieve something significant. A Renegade PoPo is a cop who breaks tradition to see things beyond the rigid structure of a para-military operation. Renegade PoPos think for themselves… WHY YOU ARE HERE… WHY YOU WANT TO COME BACK OFTEN… This website gives you something you don’t get anywhere else—a perspective on the emotional impact of police work on police officers, their families and the general public. This website breaks the code of silence and lays bare the secrets behind the shield. There is an expression that secrets create monsters. This website slays the monsters before they are born. Renegade PoPo is different than any other website in the way we present information. Our writers give you stories that are truthful, irreverent, controversial, sarcastic, unconventional, ironic, knowledgeable, well-informed, crazy-assed, and entertaining. The articles are written with a twist, full of well-informed opinion and truthfulness, about issues nobody likes to talk about. Why do you want to read Renegade PoPo and keep returning for more? Because we appeal to your sense of justice, imagination, and heart. Because we discuss provocative issues you need to hear about. Issues like how PTSD can lead to police misconduct, suicide, reckless behavior and promiscuity. Issues like the value of gay police officers


Actors with Down syndrome in more films, TV; 'Glee' star Lauren Potter says

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… explores the unrequited love between a mother and her young son with Down Syndrome in the socially stigmatized 1960's Paris, while Alan Cummings's “Any Day Now” is inspired by the true story of a gay couple who took in a teenage boy with Down …
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SCV Teens To 'Tell It Like It Is' About Drug Abuse Nov. 29

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Santa Clarita Valley teens and young adults will take center stage to tell their side of the story at “Teens Tell It Like It Is,” a forum on drugs and drug abuse in the SCV set for the ACTION Family Zone in Canyon Country on Thursday, Nov. 29, starting …
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Family Seeks Reform of State Law Governing Methadone Clincs Following Fatal

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Two hours earlier, and less than three miles away, Alycia Hoffman was staying with her grandmother and recovering from recent gall bladder surgery when her own phone rang. On the other end was Nicole …. But drug addiction is considered a medical …
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