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Prison Anamosa – Anamosa State Penitentiary is a maximum security penitentiary prison for men. It is located in the Jones County community of Anamosa, Iowa – approximately 25 miles (40 km) northeast of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Currently the penitentiary is home to 1080 inmates, another 175 in segregation (May 31, 2010) and has 357 staff members. Inmates working in the Iowa Prison Industries produce metal stamping, custom wood, printing, metal furniture, sign, and cleaning products at the penitentiary. The penitentiary also offers educational services, and has a contract with a community college for such services. The prison offers vocational training in welding, automobile repair, horticultural, and janitorial services. Inmates also are able to take courses to earn a high school diploma or a GED, or can take coursework towards an Associate of Arts degree. The prison also offers substance abuse treatment programs for those inmates with drug and/or alcohol problems. The penitentiary also maintains a satellite minimum security institution for up to 80 inmates at the Luster Heights Prison Farm. This is located in the northeastern corner of the state in the Yellow River State Forest near Harpers Ferry, all in Allamakee County.


Report: Pot, pill use up in Iowa; meth labs, DUIs down

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“A record number of prescription pain-reliever overdose deaths, an increase in drug-related traffic fatalities and rising substance abuse treatment admissions demonstrate a growing need to promote the safe use of medicine while preventing its abuse …
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Colo., Wash. await federal response to pot measure. Should marijuana be treated like alcohol? Or should it remain in the same legal category as heroin and the most dangerous drugs? Votes this week by Colorado and Washington to allow adult … scores of …


12 Responses to Prison Anamosa

  • snelle sjaakie says:

    americans dont need drinking water laced with fluoride to be stupid ,? they are just born retarded imho …….

  • smokkapi says:

    it is actually the opposite. the pineal gland is what makes? you dream. pot smokers tend to dream less. i think you are mixing it up with DMT, which actually are found naturally inside the pineal gland. when you use DMT it makes you dream while you are awake, giving you hallucinations and a feeling of “awareness/awakening”. i know this very well, since i have been smoking pot for almost 15 years, so i know it’s side effects. nice uploads btw, i have been watching many of these videos:)

  • goodvibesallround says:

    If I got life a life sentence I would kill myself the? next day… do these people live?

  • goodvibesallround says:

    If I got life a life sentence I would kill myself the next day… do these people live??

  • Monsieurturmoil says:

    Indeed, though I’ve never taken any illegal drugs myself nor do I drink and two years ago stopped smoking… damn, I? may die of boredom LOL ;o)

  • GangstersIncDK says:

    if you want a medical explanation its because the pineal gland third eye is also what you use while seing dreams if this is activated frequently while your awake there is a chance you will suffer a constant activation of the gland thus living in a halucinating state of mind maybe rest of your life.
    i dont have paranoia Charles E Perkins explains it better then me search hes letter
    have a? nice day

  • Salacious Crumb says:

    You were? doing OK until the fluoridation paranoia.

  • GangstersIncDK says:

    country i live you can have for personal use think its 5gram weed or 1gram cocain or heroin as long as its personal use even if cops find it they wont bug you with max you get is a ticket and thats? if your being an ass about it 90% they just let you go
    @reason marihuna is illegal even though its less hazardous then alcohol is that it activates pineal gland in your brain your government USA does not want that, thats also why your drinking water is maxed out with fluoride to keep you dumb

  • rottenapple3000 says:

    70 “Old-timers”.? Now with this influx of 100’s and 1000’s of middle age and young guys over the last 10 or so years who will be spending the rest of their sorry lifes in prison; Can you imagine what it’ll be like? o_0

  • jmclarke1 says:

    No? kidding

  • MrKevMan says:

    Prison poetry? reflect the communication and vocabulary skills of the author.

  • TheJapanChannelDcom says:

    18:40 He has no? real regret. He just doesn’t want to be in jail. It is obvious.

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