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Delivered from Drug Addiction – – Mondrea Jacobs started using drugs in junior high school and thought she’d never stop. Her wake-up call came from a bullet that whizzed by her face. Then she sought God with all her heart. See how Jesus saved her from prostitution and drug addiction. The Christian Broadcasting Network To see more from The 700 Club, to


Honoring Our Veterans in 2012

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… brain injury, or TBI, according to Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America estimates. The RAND Corporation found in 2008 that “only 53 percent of the service members who need treatment for PTSD, TBI, and major depression actually end up seeking …
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4 Responses to Delivered From Drug Addiction –

  • NuCreature8 says:

    All she does is try 2 juice people for money at those “Fire Conferences” n that. She once said she was gonna charge people at the door. I was like what ? God’s word is free ! It says it? in the bible, the gifts of the Spirit are never 2 be bought or sold. Idk about how “real” she is but I’ve never returned 2 another one of her events. We must always pray for discernment & knowledge brethren. Just cause it looks like it’s of God, doesn’t always mean it is. 2 Corinthians 11:14.. God bless

  • maryjuan23 says:

    We must leave oil war or religious war. Im from Czech republic but our republic is in the NATO? 🙁 Make love not war!! War make hell from world. Sry my english 🙁

  • mahwajuly86 says:

    Wow! Glory be to Jesus, the only alive God there is!?

  • randy109 says:

    Let’s pray for addicts and their families and try to NEVER judge an addict. They all have? a story, sometimes a quite sad story…

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