Is There Anyway to Get the Pregnancy Crisis Center to Change Their Policy?

Question by Linda Bluegull: Is there anyway to get the pregnancy crisis center to change their policy?
I don’t want to become a Christian just to please them. I doubt that the only women in need of their services are Christians. I’m not interested in prostelyzing. They won’t let me help but they still remind me to be a good Christian. Not interested. There aren’t any other agencies in my area and I want to save lives. Don’t you think they stress this policy to the detriment of our community? We’re not all Christians here and not all of us want to be but we still need help during a crisis.

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Answer by charlie_gurl
that just sucks. dont know what you could do there

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3 Responses to Is There Anyway to Get the Pregnancy Crisis Center to Change Their Policy?

  • Lisa B says:


  • #1 on the way :D says:

    the pregnancy crisis centre may as well be called ‘listen to us, don’t have an abortion, and we’ll save your immortal souls’ centre. Seriously.

    If you are interested in volunteering at a help centre, you could try life-line, or perhaps do work experience at a family planning clinic. 🙂

    I hope that they do not with old advice from non-Christians. If they do, surely there’s someone they can be dobbed in to?

  • skeptical says:

    It’s their center, and it’s their choice how the work is done and who works there. You don’t have a ‘right’ to work there.

    If you don’t like the way they do things, you can always start your own!

    BTW, I don’t know of any crisis pregnancy center in existence that serves only Christians. All are welcome. In fact, they EXPECT to serve mostly non-Christians.

    BTW, the term, “family planning clinic” is doubletalk for “kill your baby clinic”.

    That’s all they ever recommend. Not much of a “choice”, is it?

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