Can Shopping Addiction Lead to Stealing Money From Your Work Place?

Question by lil_angel_6172003: Can Shopping addiction lead to stealing money from your work place?
If you have a shopping addiction, can it become bad enough that it leads you to stealing money from your work place so you have money to shop?

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Answer by Malaikat Jomblo
Yarp, either to stealing money or stealing things (clepto…)

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Shopping Addiction: Symptoms, Causes and Self-help – Learn, use and save your time and money. * Original music for flute: Maestro Eversober * Papers, Relaxation Recordings, Laughter, etc.


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“@Staggers1: @dahottie30 “oh my gosh kelz you are terrible **” you mean my shopping addiction? ****I can‘t help it! I ? to shop! – by dahottie30 (kelly)


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I have a shopping addiction 🙁 i think i need help…. nah all i need is a job so i can feed my addiction. – by KaylaWittkugle (Kayla Wittkugle)


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Did you spend your entire paycheck on #BlackFriday and #CyberMonday well this might help you save next year. -sp – by WTFRandomStuff (WTF Random Stuff)