Blackouts Due to Anxiety, Medication and Treatment?

Question by : Blackouts due to anxiety, medication and treatment?
I am suffering from blackouts due to my anxiety, although I am taking wellbutrin XL (150 mg) it is not helping, is there any medication I can take to treat my anxiety? also, how can I avoid these blackouts, I am a sophomore in high school and it is becoming an issue at school, I am diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder, Panic disorder, as well as General anxiety disorder, depression as well as phobias. I just do not want to have to leave school because this issue continues to happen. Any and all help is appreciated thank you,

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Answer by iheartmochi
All research is good research.

Look at these for your diagnosis:

get a doctor get you off the meds

(fox news telling the truth about antidepressants)

Do as much research possible. A major reason why people take the drugs is because they think there’s a chemical imbalance
There’ no proof mental illness and chemical balance are linked. So there really isn’t a need to medicate other than to control your mood. So it is important to ask for alternatives and a type of counseling that will break things down for you so you can learn to make better decision on how to control your own mood.

“The chemical imbalance theory of mental disorders was disproven long ago”

“Chemical imbalance is one hypothesis about the cause of mental illness.”

This is where your mental disorders come from. The psychiatrist’s bible. Check out how a mental illness is decided into existed. They don’t prove anything is a disease they just vote what set of behaviors is a mental illness
” the decision to allocate one diagnosis or another to a patient is to some extent a matter of personal prejudice”
-psychiatrist Niall McLaren

Get a counselor that doesn’t believe in the medication. And will do the real work of helping you deal with your anxiety better. No matter what the meds do if you don’t do the real work of learning to not let your anxiety escalate you’re really not going to get anywhere. You don’t have a illness to manage for the rest of your life. You have you and your state of mind to manage all the time, its called living.
You should definitely see a real physical doctor to see if there’s nutrition problems or an underlying medical issue. If there’s a physical reason to why you’re so anxious that’s important to find out.

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