Fox News Hides Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer’s Debate Meltdown?


Fox News Hides Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer’s Debate Meltdown? – 25+ MORE examples of Fox News Biased Video Editing at 130+ MORE examples of Fox News Bias at Arizona Governor Jan Brewer’s disastrous debate performance last week got a lot of coverage in the media except, of course, on Fox News which ignored the Republican’s embarrassing 10 second pause during her prepared opening remarks as well as avoiding any mention of the governor’s false claims about headless corpses found in the Arizona desert in one report as I show in this video. The clips I used of MSNBC’s “Countdown with Keith Olbermann” come from a segment broadcast on September 2, 2010, available online at The clips I use of Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” come from a segment broadcast on September 2, 2010 (which I have not found online) The clip I use of PBS’ Arizona Candidates for Governor debate come from program broadcast on September 1, 2010, available online at The image I use of my Fox News bias playlist comes from my own YouTube video playlist page at And, finally, the image I use of my Fox News Bias In Its Video Editing playlist comes from my own YouTube video playlist page at


US uses excessive force along Mexican border: UN

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The family of a Mexican teen shot dead when the U.S. opened fire on a group of rock throwers in Mexico last week is planning to bring a lawsuit alleging excessive use of force, Mexican authorities said on Monday. The Border Patrol said …
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Hickenlooper Poses With Cheetos, Goldfish And Legal Marijuana Advocate Ean

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John Hickenlooper has made no secret about his opposition to marijuana legalization in Colorado. Before the election, Hickenlooper said many things about why the drug war on marijuana should continue as is, but the gist was this line: “Colorado is …
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15 Responses to Fox News Hides Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer’s Debate Meltdown?

  • Juan Flores says:

    My brand new led tv is allergic to Fox News? (or anything outdated).

  • shoryog28 says:

    Fox news is gay. They would help this dumb bitches campaign bit shit on Obama and everything he’s done. Racist ass stiff ass crackers. I’m not racist, I love white ppl, but cant stand white? trash. There is a difference

  • Tebigong101 says:

    I’d say in honesty that I can’t hold my TV on FOX for a whole segment without being disgusted by what I perceive as bias or a not giving complete information so I imagine FOX viewers feel the same and turn away from MSNBC or CNN rather quickly.

    But as equally biased as CNN or MSNBC are don’t they still manage to show clips and soundbites in the spirit of the footage they are taken from and not just edited? down to fit the narrative as stated by allowed corporate talking points.

  • kurthebert2 says:

    fox news? has more spin than the hurricane channel

  • KraftwithaK says:

    Arizona is dangerous. It’s full? of morons.

  • mcamodell says:

    The language was created to communicate ideas from one person to? another, you obviously understood the communication so SHUT THE HELL UP. The language served its purpose.

  • mcamodell says:

    No one has ever stopped buying the drugs, not in 6000 years has anyone ever stopped buying something just because some asshat politician decided it needed to be prohibited. The real solution is to stop prohibiting something that is completely harmless! I should have? the right to do whatever I want, as long as it does not infringe on your RIGHTS. If Marijuana were legal, the cartels wouldn’t make enough money to operate.

  • smithcas86 says:

    Hey, lay of Alaska and it’s pot use. Have you ever been to Alaska? It’s cold, Its boring, it’s full of redneck asshats,? there are bears and wolves and……moose and shit, it’s dark for thirty days straight. Alaska is a fucked up place, it needs all the weed it can get.

  • smithcas86 says:

    Jan Brewer looks like an old leather couch that I used to own. Old, cracked, discoloured and a pain in the? ass.

  • clrjazz says:

    Jan you need some effordent dental paste , i? watched your interview on Meet The Press your false teeth were shifting something terrible.

  • PVPlaya1392 says:

    Don’t forget Lewistown, PA. Apparently they buy? most of the heroin in the country

  • OrganNLou says:


  • FailHappenZ says:

    Jan Brewer::: Don’t tell me we don’t have a problem with the drug cartels…. solution Jan and this is just me talking I know this could be a crazy idea but how about we stop buying the drugs? Maybe blame Sarah and Alaska for buying the majority of Marijuana.? Rhode Island and South Carolina on cocaine. Department of Health and Human Services has this free info you know.

  • radrider82 says:

    Their: They took “their” dog out for a? walk.
    They’re: “They’re” going out for ice cream.
    There: I don’t know why “there” are still people voting for Jan Brewer.


  • geminirat84 says:

    I like your videos and I know you don’t have a lot of control over the ads that play before your videos, but I think it was? ironic that the ad that played before the video was for dontbeadonkey lol. Keep up the great work!

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