Drug Rehab or Alcoholics Anonymous?

Question by V: Drug rehab or Alcoholics Anonymous?
When is it better to go to rehab rather than just AA meetings, etc.

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Answer by J W
nobody likes a quitter

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2 Responses to Drug Rehab or Alcoholics Anonymous?

  • PeterV says:

    My opnion is AA if you are serious and have hit the point where your willing to do whatever it takes then your ready for AA is a program of one alcoholic helping another. Taking the suggestions of others and following the steps as outlined in the AA Big Book recovery is possible. Rehabs are there in my opinion to take you out of the enviroment your in and put you in a safe place and at the end tell you to go to AA. I feel you can stop drinking without rehab if you fully imerse your self in AA but if you think you are going to go through a detox professional help is needed.

  • Mel says:

    AA is a fantastic international support group, however a lot of people require a more intensive period of addiction treatment in a rehab facility prior to attending regular AA meetings, this is to detox safely and to establish their recovery in a safe and controlled environment with 24 hour support.

    Websites like http://www.steps2rehab.com/alcohol-rehab/ explain how a rehab clinic works and what is involved in a alcohol detox and rehab programme. An AA meeting is free and accessible and is a wonderful life long support group – most rehab clinics will introduce their patients to AA meetings as soon as they enter the clinic and encourage weekly attendance (if not more often) to local meetings once their rehab programme is complete.

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