Cracking Addiction – Daddy’s Girl


Cracking Addiction – Daddy’s Girl – With the help of interventionist professionals Debbie & Brandon Knauss, Angelica’s family share their emotional thoughts on TLC’s CRACKING ADDICTION.


Life Connected: Addicts Help Each Other in The Tweakers Project

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"I think the most important way it helps is it's not a secret anymore," Scott said. He says it is critical to really feel like you are not alone, and it helps to hear from people who know from their own experience what drug addiction is like. "Every …
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Bernalillo County Halts Methadone Drug Treatment Program

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They say the $ 10,000-a-month program, which has been treating opioid-addicted inmates since 2006, is better suited for community clinics outside the lockup. “We reviewed all … “With 33 years in the corrections field, they trust my advice,” he said …
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