Where Can You Find a Message of Genuine Hope in the Media?

Question by BOSS KD: where can you find a message of genuine hope in the media?
1. child abuse
2. global warming
3. abortion
4 drug addiction
5 poverty
6. immortality

please help me. 10 points for the effort to answer.

Best answer:

Answer by ClicketyClack
You have to look beyond the sound bite stories that predominate in the media. Since media includes online sources of news, do research on the positive progress we’ve made in your areas of interest. The stories are there but seldom see them on the nightly news because, “If it bleeds, it leads”.

That is an old saying in the media which means that a violent or bloody story will lead the newscast before a soft story of hope or progress. There is lots of good news and hopeful stories but they will be short stories tacked on to the end of news shows and never be the primary story. It doesn’t mean those good and hopeful things aren’t happening, though!! ; )

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