What Are Your Opinions on Teen Challenge?

Question by Lady Tam: What are your opinions on Teen Challenge?
My 28 year old cousin has been abusing alcohol, marijuana, and cocaine for 15 years. Just as things seemed to be getting better, he quit his job (the best thing that’s happened to him in 28 years). He also suffers from Depression and Bipolar Disorder.

I have been researching Christian Drug and Alcohol inpatient treatment centers, and came across Teen Challenge. I’m curious as to whether or not the majority of people have had good or bad experiences coming out of this program.

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Answer by George P
ANY program that you can get him into is better than what he is into now

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  • Ericka says:

    there is actually a teen challenge 35 miles from my house, they plant flowers, have car washes, speak to the public, assist at nursing homes, i’ve had no experience with them but is it better to be sitting in your bedroom doing drugs or learing you can have a productive life and be an upstanding individual and you do matter and you can make a difference and drugs is no way to go??? i vote for teen challenge!

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