Washington Could Learn a Lot From a Drug Addict


Washington Could Learn a Lot from a Drug Addict – Washington’s chronic overspending is just like a junkie’s addiction to drugs. Unless the cycle of addiction is broken, our economic and unemployment situation will continue to suffer. Washington is out of time. To avoid hitting rock bottom, Washington must cut spending today. To spread this message, Washington Could Learn a Lot has created this video. Learn more at washingtoncouldlearnalot.com. Update: Now, our economic situation has deteriorated even further. We are now approaching trillion in debt and Congress has raised the debt ceiling 11 times in the past ten years. Washington Could Learn a Lot is a project of Public Notice Research & Education Fund (PNREF). PNREF is an independent non-profit dedicated to educating the American people about economic policy and the principles of economic freedom. Through our education and awareness projects, PNREF will explore the future consequences of public policies being enacted today.


3rd Annual National Event to Raise Awareness of Prescription Drug Abuse

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WASHINGTON, Nov. 8, 2012 — Unused, Unwanted, and Expired Medicine Disposal locations to be held Nov. 10th Across the Country. WASHINGTON, Nov. 8, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — On this Saturday, November 10, 2012, The American … "AMCC's campaign …
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CO, WA counter federal law in marijuana vote

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But our next guest says legalizing marijuana is a dangerous idea he knows because he battled drug addiction before finding — Bishop Ron Allen is ahead of — CC's mission and he's my guest this morning morning tradition. Morning Gretchen are you doing …
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Study: Alcohol, drug abuse counselors don't always require total abstinence

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WASHINGTON – Compared to a survey conducted nearly 20 years ago, about twice the proportion of addiction counselors now find it acceptable for at least some of their patients to have a drink occasionally – either as an intermediate goal or as their …
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24 Responses to Washington Could Learn a Lot From a Drug Addict

  • MrV3nusdoom says:

    The jobs are in China and? India where the companies have outsourced due to lower tax rates and too many loopholes in our tax system

  • Johnny Blaze says:

    *didn’t experiment?

  • SillyChocobo says:

    Haha? yeah! 🙂

  • ABSmovies says:

    English? 208 with David Truscello?

  • SillyChocobo says:

    Lol no? lie.

  • ABSmovies says:

    Same.? =O

  • Ian Gallagher says:

    Hey everyone, “FOR REAL REFORM” money bomb? today! Go to RonPaul2012 . com and donate what you can! $5, $10, $25 or more! Every bit helps!

  • Dmob911 says:

    Runaways, they want to get away from their troubles from home or school, then they learn the hard way it’s a bigger waste of time and their life. Washington? wants to get away from the debt they’re buried in. So they run their priting machine thinking it’s the way to solve the problem when they just make it worse with every dollar printed, like every step that person takes.

    Yeah, Washington could learn a lot from a runaway.

  • SillyChocobo says:

    This dude goes to class? with me! 🙂

  • Mike Zilla says:

    This site is such bullsh*t. All it is, is a conservative leaning website that’s in favor of further tax cuts for the wealthy.

    News flash: we’ve had the Bush era tax cuts for years now…and if these tax cuts truly did help industry leaders create new American jobs, it would have done so by now. So where are the? jobs?

    Everyone with half a god damn brain can see these companies are not using their money saved by tax cuts to create new jobs.

  • julio tejeda says:

    this is why we? need the venus project

  • dixiebaby4eva says:

    @clarkcountysfinest Looks like somebody’s a? drug addict!!And drugs dont solve anything..once the effect is gone, your problemas are still there. Trust me, i know. My brother used to do a bunch of stuff bc he thought it would get rid of them….

    P.S. Idc if you share your opinion..just try not to use cuss words…Thamks(:

  • PGoldmofo says:

    im? sorry this is the worst commercial i have ever seen.. yea i get the analogy but really?? everytime it comes on i debate throwing a brick threw the screen.

  • gs6285gs says:

    Too bad few want to? acknowledge that BEFORE any money can be spent it must be BORROWED.

  • LegionnaireEtrangere says:

    What a stupid commercial! Government finance is nothing like drug addiction. Instead of just cutting spending on? those whose depend on it, Senators and Congressmen could stop coddling multi-billion dollar banks. Last year, Bank of America recieved a nearly $1,000,000,000 tax return! While it sat on $17Bil in US profit overseas. It’s cheaper for a company to move $ overseas and call it reinvestment than to pay it’s corporate income tax. End corporate tax loopholes and pass a transaction tax!

  • niloo64 says:

    HEY i am sorry if you had so much pain . I also actually always felt sorry fro drug addicts because i knew that they must have been hurt and want to forget the pain . But there are also many people who just do it for trying and get caught .
    I hope? you feel better. Please try not to use bad 4 letter words .

  • gs6285gs says:

    50s, When you control the creation and circulation of the medium of exchange you are ‘the power’..the government. Our Constitutional government wrongfully farmed out is authority to monetize the people’s production as debt-free wealth to them to the banking industry that monetizes our production as unpayable interest-bearing debts. We are not governed by? our government but by the banking industry. Debt is the only ‘tool’ they need. We need to return that power to the people.

  • 50srefugee says:

    @gs6285gs: “difficult to have good conversation in e-mail threads”

    Youtube does a poor job organizing threads for conversations, it’s true, but I’d prefer to keep the debate public, where it? began. Also, I personally find it easier to understand arguments and order my thoughts in text than in speech; just a quirk in my wiring.

  • 50srefugee says:


    Ah, I see your website wealthmoney org, and I’m watching this? video from that site:

    It seems to me that I’m generally in agreement with you on the wealth versus debt question. In that context, your initial comment makes perfect sense.

    However, rather than saying that substituting debt for wealth is the cause of what’s happening, I’d say that it is merely one tool that governments use to concentrate power into their hands.

    Power is the real addiction.

  • gs6285gs says:

    Dear 50sRefugee, I understand what you are saying. At the same time, wealth is what we produce. Debt is what we use for money. The two are not the same.

    It is very difficult to have good conversation in e-mail threads. Please feel free to call me and I will try to help you understand how they have switched our medium of exchange from Wealth to Debt and why? that is the cause of what’s happening. Gregory K. Soderberg 507-440-1015.

  • 50srefugee says:

    @50srefugee:? “[govt] steals or destroys wealth”

    I should clarify: a properly constituted govt takes a tiny fraction of wealth from its citizens to protect their ability to generate more wealth against enemies “foreign and domestic”. The U.S. govt has gone far beyond that, and its agents seem to believe that the citizens exist to serve it, rather than the other way round.

  • 50srefugee says:

    @gs6285gs: “don’t borrow…nothing to spend”

    First of all, this ad is about govt debt. The business of the govt is telling you what you must and must not do. I don’t want much spent on that.

    Second, businesses borrow, yes, but then? they pay it back out of the profits they earn providing products and services. Businesses generate wealth.

    The govt borrows and either borrows again, or services the debt by sticking you up at gun point for taxes. It steals or destroys wealth.

  • gs6285gs says:

    If we don’t borrow there is nothing? to spend.

  • juancook1 says:

    lol its funny, all the negative responses are people that didn’t understand the message. ?

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