The Golden Crescent – Iran


The Golden Crescent – Iran – 27 March 2001 The Kurdish mechanic faces execution. The Golden Crescent is the source of 80% of the world’s heroin. We join the Iranian drug force fighting to stem the flow of heroin that is creating a huge underclass of addicts in Iran and flooding on into Europe and beyond. Produced by ABC Australia Distributed by Journeyman Pictures


Herren talk set for St. Joseph

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However, his dream was derailed with serious and ongoing alcohol and drug addiction — jeopardizing his family, his future, and very nearly ending his life in the process. Sober since 2008, Herren has risen from the depths to inspire and help others …
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20 Responses to The Golden Crescent – Iran

  • hoppidi6 says:

    Of course there will be shoot outs. Why the fuck would they surrender if they will definitely be executed? Iran, Europe or US… It does not matter where it is, war on drugs is stupid and just creates rich criminals, kills users,? fills up the prisons. Legalize all drugs! this is the only way to win!

  • skywalker01974 says:

    free drugs for? everyone,party at my place!

  • thomas lewis says:

    I don’t think the united states is actually impressed by iran interference in the internatioanl drug trade….they are the ones that are behind the whole problem,? and profit

  • thomas lewis says:

    that’s just what they want you to think. free unobstructed distribution…i’m shaking my head at your? ignorant remark.

  • xxxxDoggman says:


  • ImperialGuardOf Shah says:

    yes Free azarbaijan? from the nazi-pan turkism dictature !

  • KINGTERO8700 says:

    U.S. is behind this drug? war….how in the hell they get stinger missiles?

  • SuperMassaget says:

    Free Azerbaijan!?

  • Jordan Clark says:

    However I do agree that Iran is fighting the war on drugs primarily due to U.S. pressure. The regular people there have learned to simply step around the? addicts on the sidewalk. I think the intelligent approach is to let people make their own choice about drugs, but, support them if they choose “NO!” Many women develop addiction due to their husbands using at home despite the wife begging him to stopl They need a sort of halfway house or live in place so they can live drug free environment

  • Jordan Clark says:

    Your comment is factually incorrect. Afghan heroin is primarily used by Chinese addicts, and S.E..asian addicts,? as well as European addicts :ALL European and Chinese , S.E.Asian and Russian junkies have their habits met by the Afghan drug supply. U.S. addicts , are supplied largely, tho not entirely by Mexican black tar heroin. East Coast addicts are taking Colombian powder Heroin.

  • ROC SANA says:

    the first? guys accent <3

  • musood6630 says:

    Iran has Balochis? Shit? we have them here in Afghanistan aswell.

  • kikajewoutapalestine says:

    please send more weed, more weed less seed.? thankyou

  • makorani baloch says:

    Its not true so sad that such TV station brodcasting what Iranian mullah is saying . The peoples of Balochistan are living in borders same ppls with both side of borders divided by english now by iran & pakistan those 80000 prisner are mostlly political prisners . The only way of earning live bread is trade between borders rice,food oil ,Gas slinders,suger. sure there is drug smugglars but those have been helped by iraninian & paki borders forces.every borders? station bought by big smugglars.

  • orangeblood307 says:

    @MrAlaskanman I don’t? watch any mainstream news and have never thought of joining the military…. What’s wrong with the military anyway? Seems like you watch a little too much Alex Jones if you really think the US is anything like Iran. I see where you’re getting at though. On the road we’re going down, it’s not unlikely that’s where we’ll end up…. Don’t know how things are up in Alaska but it’s nothing like a police state where I’m residing. All we can do is vote Ron Paul.

  • david87758 says:

    Afghanistan is the biggest problem for Iran.?
    afghans is problematic.
    But the Iranian police, world best? police.
    long live Iran.

  • orangeblood307 says:

    I say just end the drug war and use tax payer money to send drug users to rehab instead of wasting tax payer money? sending them off to jail where there are only more drugs and they come out worse…. There’s more money for the cartels to make when drugs are illegal, that’s part of the problem. It will be a never ending war as long as drugs are illegal. If people want to destroy their body, they’re going to do it either way.

  • Dariushparis says:

    Of course not man & what you say is totaly correct but, here we are not talking about a littel street corner dealer & even the marchandise is not the same, if you sell the same stuff of what they try to pss 95% of the guys how have bought it will die on over dose cause it’s nearly pur stuff, also that this fucking heroïne is killing many ok my young compatriots, a youth who has no hope nor dreams for it’s futur is? an open door to drungs

  • orangeblood307 says:

    Lol, did you really just compare weed to shrooms?? Shrooms are? on another level…. They put you into a completely different state of mind. Pot just makes you happy, hungry, and sometimes sleepy…. Yeah that’s real harmful lol. And you really think a plant tells me what to do, when to do it, and how to do it?? You must not have much experience with cannabis because you really are clueless on this subject. Fast food is more harmful than cannabis, do you want to exterminate that 2?

  • Dariushparis says:

    Balad nisty dorost farci sohbat bokony hala mikhahy fosham bedy, to gôh khordy madar gahbeye uzbeke, to be iraniha fosh midy, bia az kunam bokhor gôlop gôlop; kheily ogdeiii hasty valy? bi dalilam nist ki midune ouzbekistan kojast, tamame keshvarat be paye yek dahate iranam nemirese, hala har chi mikhahy begu manam javabeto midam, har vaghtam khasty bia Paris chub mikonam tuye kune kesafatet, deleto khosh kardi kiramo kassif konam baraye to dahaty

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