Substance Abuse Treatment Program


Substance Abuse Treatment Program – Judy Redmond, MA, LPC, discusses RCBM’s Substance Abuse Treatment Program, which may include assessment; pharmacotherapy; family or couples therapy; and individual therapy in order to address addictive disorders or behaviors and restore full and healthy functioning.


12-Step Programs Help Teens Battle Addiction

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New research finds that 12-step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous, known as a successful intervention for adult alcoholics, can also be an effective treatment strategy for young adults. Specialists from the Center for Addiction Medicine at …


Brockton to get 0K drug grant

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Two federal studies confirmed what local drug treatment workers and police have been saying: eastern Massachusetts outpaces much of the nation in heroin-fueled emergency room visits and admissions to state treatment programs for painkiller addictions.
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Saugus Anti-Drug Coalition forms

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Study personnel also refer enrollees to drug treatment programs. A worker from the Healthy Streets Outreach Program of Northeast Behavioral Health led the training. She explained how to recognize an opioid overdose and demonstrated ways to respond.
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