Runescape Gambling Addiction Prank Call – Addiction Helpline


Runescape Gambling Addiction Prank Call – Addiction Helpline – Hey guys please like and subscribe for more videos! Please comment what you would like next, whether it is a gaming video or prank call video I don’t care! This video took about 2 hours to make because of the subtitles. Expect more! ~Dan Sorry for the bad resolution!


Maine Health Advocates Seek to Restore Smoking Cessation Funds

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"We should be doing everything we possibly can to try to help people in the MaineCare program quit," says Edward Miller, vice president of policy for the Northeast American Lung Association. Miller says stopping tobacco addiction is the most cost …
Read more on MPBN News Celebrates 5 Years of Helping People Find Drug Rehab

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With the upcoming holiday season, is continuing to celebrate their anniversary by also increasing the staff on helplines to assist even more people during this tough time to battle addiction. Cory stated: “This is an intense season for …
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Addicts Treat Own ODs in Controversial Drug Program

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The public safety group argued that providing drug addicts with the medication to reverse overdoses risks giving them a sense of confidence that they can take their drug use to the point of overdose and still be able to come back down safely. Breault …
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