Road Less Traveled: Christian Drug Rehab


Road Less Traveled: Christian Drug Rehab – Call 877-466-1342 for a confidential consultation. Our alcohol and drug treatment center is founded on the belief that where there is God there is hope for recovery. Freedom from addiction is possible. At Road Less Traveled Christian Rehab Center, we provide the tools and support that are necessary for lasting recovery. Our Christian addiction treatment center warmly welcomes anyone who struggles with drugs or alcohol. Solid believers and spiritual seekers are encouraged in their walk with Jesus Christ. The healing power of faith brings hope and restoration to the lost and the broken. It is this power that can break the chains of addiction. We invite you to start the healing today.


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Christian Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers-Addiction …: Drug and alcohol rehab programs at Pacific Hill… – by LiquorBargain (LiquorBargain)


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  • Sonic Light says:

    Cannabis is not physically addictive. There shouldn’t be drug therapy from or? for cannabis use. Some doctors do not have correct information and are extremely bias on cannabis. It is a very safe herb, safer than alcohol and tobacco.

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