Re: On a Personal Note: World of Warcraft Addiction


Re: On a personal note: world of warcraft addiction – This is a video respone to Naomi. I really sorry about your friend/relative. I hope this will help you in your decision in helping. Im not saying anyone who plays the game is automatically an addict. Please i dont want any comments about my gameplay.


From Twitter:

RT @AsariMabari: @hailieshaw Going into an MMORPG phase and trying REALLY HARD not to play the WOW trial. HELP. I DON’T WANT AN ADDICTIONby hailieshaw (hailie shaw)


From Twitter:

@hailieshaw Going into an MMORPG phase and trying REALLY HARD not to play the WOW trial. HELP. I DON’T WANT AN ADDICTIONby AsariMabari (Jamie Kasulis)


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@sharziek wow so do you need any help with this addiction? #justcurious 😉 – by MubasheraShaikh (Mubashera Shaikh)


13 Responses to Re: On a Personal Note: World of Warcraft Addiction

  • youngsw4gmusic says:

    Find a new group of friends. ?

  • JoshPerrick says:

    Ehh people still watching those how to make gold movies but if they just read site like makewarcraftgold(.)info they would? know instantly

  • waterjordan2 says:

    Its not an addiction. Drug addicts CANNOT live without drugs… Wow “addicts” CAN live without wow if they realize the great opportunities out in? the real world.

  • william98765432 says:

    yeah im 14 as well i play wow? and counter strike source alot.. but i also have a great social life and do a fair bit of exercise 😀 (i just play wen im home doing nothing)^^

  • littlehak777 says:

    Sadly, im 14 years old and addicted, with,? 80 druid 72 hunter, 70 DK, and 40 and lower, and a 64 and 55 horde, yea, sad aint it, but i think im addicted but im not, ive played this game since its been out, i do have a life outside, but when im always home, im on wow

  • XioC652 says:

    Dude, 29-49 twinks are out now, no one does it anymore. Atleast horde doesn’t. Because it’s just no as much fun in pvp anymore… Maybe if the alliance didn’t have to have a 6? man premade as well as other handicaps, things would be different.. Oh well.

  • XioC652 says:

    I’m a proud wow addict. I’m actually waiting to raid Ulduar. Finally made it to level 80 about 5 days ago. I started my own guild and things are sweet. In real life.. I go to work, talk to friends, get annoyed with stupid people in society and the media, or I can drive my mustang around really fast because it’s fun. I also have a gf. she plays wow with me also. Living life on top of thangs! I mean yeah, I go out to movies,? hang out with my few friends occasionally.. thats all I need though.

  • Superstug says:

    lol am 21 and? i know that most people that play wow are addicted and either know it deep down or they dont know. my suscription has ran out at the moment and i dont intend to pay again time for either break for a while or just to stop playing

  • username3044 says:

    tell u? wat i do and i swareit works so well, i make twinks so in a little time u feel like uve done so much and say in 1 hour on a lvl 39 or 29 twink you feel like uve done lotso f achieven=ments in that hour than on another char where u lvl and grind foreva anyway thtats wat i do im a lvl 29 paladin and ima make a druid lvl 39 so i can get a mount and pvp so do that and plz msg me with wat u thnink of my idea bye!

  • konzolmester says:

    Yes. Im 20 too. But I have control over it. thats what? every one needs.

  • theprash says:

    40 hours of gaming a week is not typical for? anyone. I understand that friends can let you down but really think about how much your warcraft friends actually care about you. If you left the game how long would it be before they forgot you? Also, imagine the time when you do actually stop playing (the servers will close eventually) and what it will feel like once your achievements in the game mean nothing. You say things have changed so I’m leaving this comment for others in your old position.

  • GTE4VG8 says:

    dude u cant get to addicted to WOW … have time for ur own life 18 years old WoW player..and one thing? dad i did to get me off for a while is get a dog, not pet, a dog..theyr keep you so active outside of the worked for me and slowly i got away from WoW now i only play it llike 2-4 hours a day and i make sure i finsh eveyrthing i have to do first, school work, walk dog, work out, take shower, WoW gets boring after an hour or so, thats what i did

  • Ninyth SpaceCadet says:

    lol your pretty much mocking her by playing and talking at the same time, but good for you, I can understand why her boyfriend was the way he was, she sounds like an annoying bitch that feeds off drama and thinks she can change people just cause she wants to.

    Anyways thats what I would have said to her if? I could comment on her vid 😛

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