Prostitute Drug Addict Says Drugs Aint Worth It


prostitute drug addict says drugs aint worth it – prostitute homeless drug addict


Matthew Mitcham cleared to continue diving for Australia despite admitting

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BEIJING gold medallist Matthew Mitcham will not be excluded from the 2016 Australian Olympic team despite confessing to a crystal meth addiction, a drug that features as a "stimulant" on the WADA banned list. Less than 24 hours after the Australian …
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Mother of heroin addict to host public awareness forum in Northbrook

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P.J. Newberg has seen heroin destroy her teenage daughter's life — transforming her from a warm and loving girl to an addict now serving a four-month sentence in a Cook County correctional drug treatment program. The long-time Glenview resident is …
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Aptos HS Warns Parents Of Drug And Alcohol Problem

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Moran said it's hard to quantify exactly how many students in the Pajaro Valley School District are dealing with a drug or alcohol addiction because a lot of kids who have a problem don't get in trouble at school. "Anecdotally, from what I hear from …


Substance abuse diagnoses increasing in US

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Possibly driven by a surge in painkiller abuse, the number of drug and alcohol problems diagnosed by U.S. doctors increased by 70 percent between 2001 and 2009, according to new research. "We know that increases in prescription drug use are a big part …
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24 Responses to Prostitute Drug Addict Says Drugs Aint Worth It

  • 713BigJ says:

    @biteme emetib what are you talking about? Im hispanic what does race have to do with the comment i said? Elaborate please?

  • biteme emetib says:

    some thing? ur black right??

  • biteme emetib says:

    this multiracial society white ppl acting like niggers? disgusting, degrading themselfs

  • ne22nay says:

    Bye the end she lost her High !!!! Can’t u tell she starts to fell in her hart !!? U can see it in her face….. She can’t get out she will die there and she will never be know her self. So sad !!

  • tombeals69 says:

    If god cared, there wouldn’t be? chemicals to make drugs. He wouldn’t allow people to die over it. You’re calling this girl naive? Look in the mirror pal. Whose naive? Someone who slips into a path of addiction and self destruction? Or the person who falls into a path of praising false idol’s and thinking there’s a higher power that gives a shit. I feel just as bad for you as I do for her….

  • 713BigJ says:

    Man I look at this chick like into her eyes and you see pain or some? thing…

  • XzaYou says:

    Was she? this ugly before the drugs?

  • xfireball929x says:

    I’d? hit it

  • GrobycRocketFist says:

    no you? wouldn’t you fucking lying retard.

  • 130June says:

    Drugs take your teeth, your dignity, your self esteem,? your hope and ultimately your life – it’s definitely NOT WORTH IT.

  • panda792 says:


  • deneco4 says:

    Id buy? her.

  • Ludwig Lobsters says:

    She’s pretty well fed for an addict.?

  • ThePocohontis says:


  • nizukhiphop says:

    She looks like my ex girld friend who was? a homeless junkie..

  • nizukhiphop says:

    Am I the only? person to find her so cute and beautiful??

  • Sara Boyer says:

    imagine kissing? her OMG

  • Sara Boyer says:

    I don’t think its ever gonna happen either
    no one would pay this? bitch more than 20$ for head

  • breezynorthwind says:

    She needs to go back and finish school – atlest high school.? Sad what direction her life is taking.

  • breezynorthwind says:

    She’s missing? her top teeth…wonder if she had them pulled on purpose

  • Hot Mess says:

    i feel like? shes soo uncomfortable in this vid

  • Anne Fox says:

    The Mormon Church a HOOKER CHURCH establishes a sex trade norm among adherents. Used by the Gov’t of Alberta to force women and children into compromising positions stating that they can not PROVE that they have never traded anything for sex. TO THEM all? women are HOOKERS. Battered women are attacked by hooker women housed among them and out-numbering them at SHELTERS. for ACWS. This is WORLD WIDE where whores support attacks on ONES WHO SAY NO. Many who run are slaughtered on the road home.

  • Anne Fox says:

    1000s of hookers in Canada never been charged with any offense. Call girls or hookers at massage parlours in place hooking since they established themselves at Fort Whoop Up. Prostitutes & their children don’t have a sense of depravity or perversion. Caucasian hookers are camp followers & traveled through-out Alberta selling themselves and others bringing them into the sex trade as young girls. Churches sprang up around saving? the FALLEN woman and have embraced the hookers legacy & SECRECY.

  • Anne Fox says:

    CHAIN ATTACK hookers assault younger sisters. Estranged from parents by elder SISTER WHORE who introduces them to pimps and sells them out. Older sister whore has been in the trade forcing others in… ATTACK by CPS takes a whole generation of a family by use of the scum-bag hooker or pimp attacking sisters & brothers. Gang hookers/members a PIPELINE to PIMP access. BIG SISTERS BIG BROTHERS a pimping grooming organization using? networking city center KILL ZONE= WHORES in AB Canada never charged.

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