MusiCares: The Reality of Addiction & Recovery


MusiCares: The Reality of Addiction & Recovery – John Hardy talk to MusiCares about his struggle with addiction and road to recovery with the help of MusiCares. Brett and Lavinia Hudson talk about battling cancer and medical bills and getting help. Addiction affects more than 22 million Americans. Only 4 million receive the treatment they need. 1 in 4 Americans has a family member who is struggling with addiction. Approximately 60% of individuals in recovery relapse within the first six years. Since 2000, insurance costs have risen 69% while wages have increased just 12%. 50 million Americans had no health insurance in 2010; 1 in 7 were children. 25 million additional Americans remain under-insured. Since 1991, MusiCares has provided more than million in assistance to music people in need. More than million was distributed in the past five years alone, all thanks to the generous contributions of people like you.


Advair misused: Article describes troubling details of the overselling of an

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The drug Advair is supposed to be prescribed only to patients with severe symptoms, yet a 2010 study found that two-thirds of asthma patients with mild symptoms were using it. In its latest “Side Effects” … The financial links between the asthma drug …
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The culture of meth use in the U.S.

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According to the National Admissions to Substance Abuse Treatment Services data from 2000-2010, primary admissions to receive long-term rehabilitation/residential treatment due to methamphetamine/amphetamine outnumbered admissions for all other …


Advair: How Safe Is This Drug?

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Advair and similar drugs are considered appropriate treatment for severe, treatment-refractory asthma that is not controlled by corticosteroid treatment alone. But a 2010 study by Medco Health Solutions found nearly two-thirds of mild asthma patients …
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    this is? powerful thank you for your honesty

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    Thanks for caring and supporting our program darylfan! If you like MusiCares check our Music blogger of the year contest. Find information on the contest, how to enter, and what MusiCares® does to help can be found on the blog! Just Google Be A Part Of The Heart! (they won’t let us link! ) Also celebrating the career and humanitarian spirit? of major music legend, Paul McCartney, our Person of the Year! Check it out!

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