Jewish House 24/7 Crisis Line Simulation Call


Jewish House 24/7 Crisis Line Simulation Call – The Jewish House offers a 24/7 crisis line for anyone in need across the New South Wales and indeed the Australian community. The crisis line is unique because it handles calls concerning an unlimited range of topics. Be it concerns regarding drug abuse or alcohol abuse or financial distress, the Jewish House counsellors are ready to listen and assist anyone in need. The crisis line itself employs cutting edge technology so that emergency services can be summonsed immediately and even included in the calls if need be.


Every individual has a responsibility to prevent drug abuse

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Drug dealers who target children are among the most callous criminals, willing to addict youths and destroy young lives in order to line their pockets. Now, they are using … The public must support them by reporting suspected drug crimes. Article …


Q&A: Prison expert Soffiyah Elijah on reducing prison costs, drug-related crimes

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Q. Has Mayor Michael Bloomberg's Young Men's Initiative, started last year in part to help reduce the number of Black and Latino men in prison, been successful? A. It's too early to … A. Decriminalize all drug usage. Drug addiction is a disease, and …
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