How Will I Find Addiction Treatment Centers in Terrell, Texas?

Question by bryn i: How will I find addiction treatment centers in Terrell, Texas?
I need to know how to find addiction treatment centers in Terrell because that’s where my friend lives. She has just admitted to me that she has a problem with her prescription drug addiction. She’s asking for my help in finding treatment centers for her. I really want to help her. How do I get the information, though?

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Answer by angela s
The links below will get to help you in finding addiction treatment centers. You can also call a helpline such as 800-559-9503. The people on the other end of the line are really friendly and will be willing to answer your questions as well as help you in finding treatment centers. Once you have a list and contact information of the treatment centers, get in touch with them and find out whether they are adept at handling cases of prescription drug addiction. I do hope your friend gets treated soon. Good luck!

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