How Do I Get Drug Addiction Information Mailed Anonymously?

Question by jessieleigh: How do I get drug addiction information mailed anonymously?
My family lives with a drug addict. He’s done meth for years. He is actually a very productive addict, but a addict none the less. It seems that nobody in the house wants to do anything about it, or say anything. They just turn their cheek. So I was wondering if there are drug treatment programs that send free info, pamphlets, whatever in the mail for free. I could put his name in. Maybe the light in their head will turn on and people will stop ignoring his problem? I want to do it anonymously. Thanks for any help!

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Answer by D.D.
‘Turning the other cheek’ does nothing to help the addict, or the people who are harmed and involved with them.
You can look in the yellow pages under alcoholics anonymous or under ‘counseling’ , or ‘rehabilitaion, and ask them if there are pamplets they could send out.
You could ‘search ‘ pamphelts on drug addiction in your area.
You could talk to the rehab places in your area.
I wouldn’t put anyones name of them, just the addresss, since that would be cruel and possibly liable, making you legally responsible in some way.
Those issues are private.
Alcoholics anonymous, narca non and adult children of alocholics , all have free meetings everyday.

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