How Do I Get Drug Addiction Information Mailed Anonymously?

Question by jessieleigh: How do I get drug addiction information mailed anonymously?
My family lives with a drug addict. He’s done meth for years. He is actually a very productive addict, but a addict none the less. It seems that nobody in the house wants to do anything about it, or say anything. They just turn their cheek. So I was wondering if there are drug treatment programs that send free info, pamphlets, whatever in the mail for free. I could put his name in. Maybe the light in their head will turn on and people will stop ignoring his problem? I want to do it anonymously. Thanks for any help!

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Answer by D.D.
‘Turning the other cheek’ does nothing to help the addict, or the people who are harmed and involved with them.
You can look in the yellow pages under alcoholics anonymous or under ‘counseling’ , or ‘rehabilitaion, and ask them if there are pamplets they could send out.
You could ‘search ‘ pamphelts on drug addiction in your area.
You could talk to the rehab places in your area.
I wouldn’t put anyones name of them, just the addresss, since that would be cruel and possibly liable, making you legally responsible in some way.
Those issues are private.
Alcoholics anonymous, narca non and adult children of alocholics , all have free meetings everyday.

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24 Responses to How Do I Get Drug Addiction Information Mailed Anonymously?

  • katlady says:

    You can phone the program and request information in that persons name and address. I would use a different phone so that the caller ID won’t show your number. You could try leaving info out where they can find it. online information can be printed out also.
    However, if a person does not know or want to admit they have a problem there is nothing you can do to awaken them. You and others can obtain the information for yourselves and seek help in dealing with an addict. AA and NA can help. Good luck. It is a tough road to follow for all involved.
    You can not change another person or their habits. But, you can change the way you deal with them and the situation.

  • Addiction Medicine Specialist says:

    We are sorry to hear about your current situation. While there is no cookie-cutter version of what an addict looks like, here are some personality traits you may want to watch for if you believe that you or a loved one might be suffering from an addiction:

    Self-medicating. A person may use drugs, alcohol or some other substance to help themselves feel better. They might try to make you believe that it is only for social use or for pain management, but it’s important to watch for signs that your loved one might be using substances just to cope with their day-to-day life.
    Risk Taking. Many addicts have little regard for their own lives, often taking risks that may seem out of the norm. For example, committing a crime, overdosing on medication, or engaging in unprotected sex.
    Impulsivity. Many addicts will move quickly from impulse to action without weighing the consequences on themselves or others.
    Self-centeredness. Narcissism can be a sign of addiction. An addict often thinks only of themselves, and may become very self-absorbed.
    Anxiety. Although we all experience anxiety from time to time, people struggling with addictive personalities may express an exaggerated sense of this emotion.
    Perfectionism. An addict may set impossible goals for themselves and then express guilt for failing.
    Justification. An addict may try to make unreasonable things sound reasonable to make it “okay” for them to do the things they want to.
    Low tolerance. An addict may become easily frustrated, often unable to endure an uncomfortable feeling or circumstance.
    Loner. Many addicts alienate themselves from friends, family and their former social circles.

    Even after someone has been treated for an addiction, these traits may still occur. It is important to continue monitoring the person you are concerned about, and to seek or provide support if you notice them beginning to slip back into those old habits. Get drug addiction support now. You can download our free eBook on Painkiller addiction. Best of luck!

  • velvetbc says:

    once i was in germany, had a friend who was addicted to slot machines, so bad that finally he left germany and went to a country that didn’t have slot machines, i think denmark at that time…by this i mean addictions need FORCE by? others (like government) to be stopped …addictions are frighteningly too powerful, sometimes impossible to stop

  • pijoeropa says:

    after i pooped myself at work from a hangover on a Monday, i promise myself not to drink more than two beers on Sunday or have more than three on weekdays; and at this time today is Wednesday i’m drunk with three Heineken but that’s enough for tonight and THIS IS VERY HELPFUL i hope this? will work for you all if you feel bad about yourself after you drink a lot.

  • paulinator61 says:

    If it wasn’t that? hard, then you weren’t addicted, and thus your comment is meaningless.

  • SpArKsAcTly says:

    You sound like u never had a beer in your life or any type of alcohol. psh. 7? people never had a beer in there life. 159 people like to party. THUMBS UP

  • Tim Barton says:

    I tried one AA meeting and found it disturbing. It is too connected to a religious experience. Also, almost all the members there had started up again and again. I quit last year for 5 weeks and then decided it was a good time to start again. Up to yesterday, I was still drinking. I am now going to try to quit from today. I might have an urge and might experience other problems, but after viewing this I feel I have a good? chance to change. Thanks for the video!

  • Tim Barton says:

    I tried one AA meeting and found it disturbing. It is too connected to a religious experience. Also, almost all the members there had started up again and again. I quit last year for 5 weeks and then decided it was a good time to start again. Up to yesterday, I was still drinking. I am now going to try to quit from today. I might have an urge and might experience other problems, but after viewing this I feel I have a? good chance to change. Thanks for the video!

  • masteroreality says:

    Sounds like Ray from the trailer park? boys

  • artacity13 says:

    for me the? problem is that i am fucking alchocolic or what ever it is and i am still 19 years old… i cant fucking stop it… i tried but hell NO … if i stop to drin for 1 week i am very very nervus

  • edwardmanboy says:

    was this video taken? in wales?

  • amberenae72591 says:

    Wow. I’ve been searching for this for quite a while now. I have finally found someone who understands what I’m going through.? Thank you so much for posting this!

  • IllinoisPawnShop says:

    im gunna try this? tommorow when i am sober cuz i can’t consintrate right now , thanks buddy !

  • zeus7623 says:

    I am considered a functional alck. Though it is being more and more apparent. I attempted cold turkey and drank on day 14. He is correct about positive mental attitude. AA is a room of defeated losers who are attempting to be positive. For me, drinking is something that supplements my life that simply could be? without alcohol. I need more hobbies outside of work. Good luck to others who struggle as well.

  • dick wad says:

    alchohol develops a physical dependance that means if you suddenly stop your intake you may have serious consequences to? your health.
    always speak to a specialist like a doctor to start with.

  • dick wad says:

    great video thank you so much for uploading.
    i am sick to death of watching my dear mother drink herself to death on a daily basis from sun up to sun down the alchohol rules her life.
    i am at a total loss on how to get her to stop drinking herself to death…. i just dont want to see my mum drinking anymore enough is enough.?

  • libraryservices says:

    I made it three days without drinking and? I broke last night…. This is so much harder than I thought… *sigh*

  • mobilestrikeforce1 says:

    I think your? job is safe.

  • Lisa Marie Reynolds says:

    I find Alcoholics Anonymous very helpful. I have been? sober 2 months now thanks to AA. There are people I do not get on with in the fellowship, but I am only there for my self. Nothing else has worked for me!

  • awestruck678 says:

    I’m 14.

    I quit smoking and drinking. It’s not that hard…?

  • justuslightworkers says:

    Well good for you. The problem isn’t the ALCOHOL as much as it is the ADDICTION that many people are prone to. Not everybody,? mind you, but many. It is overdrinking and alcoholism that is dangerous to the point where those people need to stop. If you are able to handle alcohol in moderation, then like I said, good for you. glad you have a job.

  • Emily Leung says:

    I’ll pray for you pal?

  • alexxa24575 says:

    i really wanna stop drinking i hate how i act and all the stupid things i do. i went a week without a drink and then i thought i could just drink a couple of beers but i ended up getting drunk..its not fun anymore i dont drink just to have a good time i drink to get wasted and i wake up hungover? and il continue drinking and i dont wanna do this anymore 🙁

  • Scottles293 says:

    know exactly? what thats like its the worst

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