How Difficult Is It to Quit Drug and Cure Drug Addiction Problem?

Question by Lily_1981: How difficult is it to quit drug and cure drug addiction problem?
My brother had drug problem for at least 10+ years. He used the heavy stuff like cocaine and other stuff I don’t even know of.
The doctor gave him medication to clean his system, and he has been sober for 2 years.
Is it possible for somebody to cure their heavy drug addiction problem in short 2 years? What’s the odd that my brother’s problem is cured?

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Answer by Mina
If he has genuinely been sober for two years, than I would say that it’s possible. My mom used to be a heavy heroin user and she has been sober for upwards of 18 years with no relapses.

It of course depends on the willpower of the person in question, but if he has the right coping skills and is determined not to go back to it then he can be “cured” of his addiction. I put cured in quotation marks because there have been recent studies that show that there’s a genetic predisposition to becoming an addict. Likely he’ll always run the risk of relapsing, but if he can stay away from situations that put him into contact with the drugs and have the willpower not to do them if he is in those situations, I’d say your brother would be okay.

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