Help I Can’t Stop Buying Credits!


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Could Vivitrol cure opiate addiction?

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LOGAN — Three agencies who serve the citizens of Hocking County have teamed up to form a pilot program for a drug which they believe could end opiate abuse afflicting the community, or at least put a big dent in the problem. Organizers say that if the …
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Recovery high schools offer teens a road back

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Tessie's previous stops had included a 28-day program at Hazelden addiction treatment center in Minnesota, which laid a foundation for recovery. After that, former state Sen. Steven A. Tolman helped her get a bed at Grace House in Worcester, but she …
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The website contains the largest and most comprehensive publicly rated and reviewed directory of addiction treatment centers in existence. The website's aim is to provide a platform for people to learn and share about addictions and co-occurring …
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50% off EVERYTHING online at Express starting midnight tonight? Doesn’t help our online shopping addiction #wiwtl #blackfriday @expresslife – by wiwtl (When I Win the Lotto)


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RT @MmmMorgs: Every time I’m bored, I go online shopping.
#help #addictionby PinkNicholson (Lauren Nicholson)


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RT @MmmMorgs: Every time I’m bored, I go online shopping.
#help #addictionby jacqueline_333 (Jacqueline LaHaie)


15 Responses to Help I Can’t Stop Buying Credits!

  • CorvetteBG says:

    A lot of? people (like me) sometimes buy gold in some games, why?
    The game is fun, but grinding for money in it, is boring, it’s like working, I work with hours and get paid a little money in the game (not enough to have fun), I would rather work 1 hour IRL, buy gold with that money and enjoy my time on the game then work my ass of for a couple of days on the game and get the same amount of gold..
    Paying 1500$ for a game though… That’s waay to much, I never paid over 50$ (overall) for gold.


    exactly other fools r only jealous thats what I say they? call me a paypal warrior but who is the one winning lol dem n00bs llol


    Special as I have a submitted ticket saying I have been made an exception in my case
    so don’t dig a hole for yourself? and report me u will fail lol like u already do.


    I’ve got one World of Tanks I have? spent over £2000 pound on my 2 euro server accounts in 2 years oh btw b4 all u n00bs starting that I can only have one account per server well that is true who cares I am special

  • renrawr says:

    damn you? should’ve walked backwards!

  • kenshu22 says:

    i like that very much that the store have for just the looks but i kinda did? se some stones/keys from a vid from it that made me curious what it realy do and thinking for what kind of wep/arm uppgrade is to make the game look good at performence

  • unchearted says:

    Three words….? Buy, To, Win…

  • halfvampire2 says:

    I? thought it was a wall till I saw this comment XD

  • CopyrightXory says:

    All I can say is that that? game is a pay to win

  • AyceOkay says:

    Yeh? nice yard.

  • BERSERKER7245 says:

    I did this once not? that bad buti just got bored of playing it cause my friend were neveer on so i quit playing

  • Molex1701 says:

    Looks like a great place to film the next The Fog? movie at.

  • MercifiesProductions says:

    in guild wars 2 though the stuff you buy doesn’t affect your performance in the? game only your look

  • jaiden binkley says:

    If he to addicted buy me some?

  • 22Alec2222 says:

    I actually? thought you were standing in front of a white wall. lol

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