Fifa Pack Opening Addiction Helpline (Parody)


Fifa pack opening addiction helpline (parody) – Follow me on twitter:


Hotline offers help to Swedish sex addicts

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… as have relatives with concerns about family members' behaviour. "These are people who have comprehensive and uncontrollable sex addiction," Katarina Öberg, a psychologist at Karolinska University Hospital, told the Dagens Nyheter (DN) newspaper.
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Gambling addict tells of fight to save family life

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She is keen to tell others that help is available. "I think I'll be fighting this addiction for the rest of my life," she says. Panorama: Gambling Nation is on BBC One, Monday, 5 November at 20:30 GMT and then available in the UK only on the BBC iPlayer.
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healthy deals: National Addiction Helpline-Have Drugs Or Alcohol Taken Over Your Life – by HalloweenSweeps (Holiday Goldy)


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RT @daisybrownies: Is there a helpline for ebay addiction?? I’m worried about myself. – by becaarr (Becca Ivan)


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Is there a helpline for ebay addiction?? I’m worried about myself. – by daisybrownies (Daisy Browness)


13 Responses to Fifa Pack Opening Addiction Helpline (Parody)

  • Ewan Brown says:

    northern Irsh FTW


  • emaxwell458 says:

    haha thanks man ?

  • Kpdude17 says:

    LEGEND? :)))))))

  • emaxwell458 says:

    lol thanks man ?

  • toxicshark8 says:


  • emaxwell458 says:

    its ok, we all are here, but pack? opening addiction helpline is here to help you LOL 🙂

  • gigidigo3 says:

    I’m? an addict

  • emaxwell458 says:

    haha thanks? man

  • MrCKsubs says:

    Haha great video, PES is better anyway so I’m fine!?

  • TopperGecko says:


    Behave yourself,? you’ve used the term “Jap” in your username for fuck’s sake.

  • emaxwell458 says:

    wow, doing accents of other nationality’s in a joke is racist, wow lighten up dude, people use the word racist far to lightly now, a joke is now seen yo be racist even if its not meant in an offensive way at all, political correctness gone mad, dude i have indian friends and? they still laugh at it, no one cares lol, lighten up

  • MrJapWannabe says:

    No I’m not american (I’m australian) and there is no difference? in doing an indian accent, doing an irish accent OR an australian accent its all racist and stupid, poking fun at other people for your personal gain is just pathetic. British humour? is that an excuse to be racist and i do play fifa.

  • emaxwell458 says:

    dude im assuming? ur american but this si not racist at all, a famous tv show does something like that with the indian, second whats the difference between doing an indian accent and doing an irish one or an aussie one, the fact is most call centers have people like this on the phone instead of brits u can relate to and its super annoying , also its british humar and you kinda need to play fifa to get it too

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