Eating Disorder Treatment and ‘Binge Food’ Addictions


Eating Disorder Treatment and ‘Binge Food’ Addictions – Most of us don’t start out looking for ‘binge food’. In fact for many of us seeking effective eating disorder treatment, our binge food rituals START by starving ourselves. This CAN go on for a period of time, but not forever. Eventually we WILL GIVE IN to eating, and usually by that point the ‘eating disorder mind’ is not on the prowl for a plate of fresh veggies or a juicy green apple. Nope our ‘eating disorder binge foods’ of choice are almost always high fat, high sugar, high salt foods… and just like the old slogan for ‘Lays Potato Chips’ goes Bet’cha Can’t Eat Just One! Found out what MY OLD binge food faves were… and why sugar addiction IS a valiant enemy needing a stealthy plan of attack if you ever hope to win. Effective eating disorder treatment happens in your mind, your environment, and on your spoon. In this video I will teach you: – WHY it is important to see the binge food I came from, to see where YOURS are taking you. – WHAT binge food I LOVED to hate (this was ritualistic!) – Reminders about the proof behind why refined table sugar is actually classified as a ‘drug’. – What your emotions have to do with your binge food cravings. Don’t delay, press play right now and empower yourself with effective eating disorder treatment strategies, and some of the ‘binge food’ information that set me FREE from my eating disorders evil control! Luv, Shan ox —————————————————- Some places where I


Food addiction: it's real

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Conquering a food addiction can help you grow years younger, as you lose weight and improve your health (blood pressure and bad LDL cholesterol will fall; so will your risk for Alzheimer's disease, heart attacks, diabetes, impotence, wrinkles and even …
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7 ways to beat your food addiction

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Take my Food Addiction Quiz. This is a special assessment developed by Yale University researchers to evaluate your relationship with food. Experts believe that the majority of people who are overweight or obese have some level of food addiction …
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Justin Wilson: Don't give thanks for food police

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Yale University academics even created a "Food Addiction Scale" to determine how hooked you are on pumpkin pie and other foods. Others say … If your family members help themselves to seconds or thirds, you haven't literally hooked them. You may just …
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16 Responses to Eating Disorder Treatment and ‘Binge Food’ Addictions

  • JoannaHarris66583 says:

    Hello there! Thank you for this useful video. By the way, I notice a lot of people keep on talking about Bulimilorex Remedy (search on google), but I’m not sure if it is really good. Have you? tried home remedy called Bulimilorex Remedy? I’ve heard many awesome things about it and my work buddy completely cure her bulimia naturally with this remedy.

  • Mega caffeineman says:

    i came here because? you are gorgeous!

  • seoulchae says:

    i was wondering, when you stop bingeing and all, did you gain weight because you start eating healthily? i mean, i have eating disorder and i binge and purge.. i’m trying to stop but every time i look at the scale i kept gaining weight and it cause me to? stop trying not to purge…

  • Lorelei Campbell says:

    I feel like we’re the same person…?

  • zemoroza says:

    i? feel and do the same… it sucks

  • Claimjumpers says:

    I think most people binge because they? don’t have all the nutrients it needs. Its a biological reaction that causes your body to go on a binge, hoping it can gain that nutrient it needs. Try eating a balanced vegan diet. It worked for me

  • TheSpuia says:

    i have exactly? EXACTLY the same binge foods.. especially peanut butter.. i also eat PB with a giant spoon.. 🙁

  • bevon17 says:

    wait wait wait….

    She said why are women spending 30 thousand on recovery

    I’m a male and I was awful!

    I use? to be bulimic.
    I’ve had my? share of binges
    I’m raw vegan now and my life is so much better
    it took me 2 years to get here after 2 years of awful Eating disorders

  • isawacat21 says:

    can you help me? I binge on everything, even healthy food, whatever I can find, I feel like this is the only thing I do in a day. I start? in the morning and finish late night :/ I don’t purge, so I just gain weight and I hate it, I don’t know why I do it :(((

  • bvbbridesmaid99 says:

    @Joelle24680:? Same here

  • Jack William Atkins says:

    total? nonsence

  • Joelle24680 says:

    I’ve recently been thinking about purging? my food, since it makes you loose weight faster.. I’m 14/15

  • shanlarter says:

    WOW Melanie! That is SO awesome. YES? i did put a lot of beneficial information in that kit.. it is my LOVE GIFT to you 🙂 If you are reading this and you are struggling with BINGE FOOD CRAVINGS then you NEED to take Melanie’s comment to heart and grab your OWN TOTALLY FREE KIT on my blog: eatingdisorderfreedomcoach[dot]com Now Melanie… I’m waiting to hear all the AMAZING RESULTS you get from following the “Binge Food Cravings FREEDOM Plan”! Shan <3

  • Melanie Custo says:

    OMG! I just opened your FREE freedom kit!!! It’s amazing!!!
    I am starting NOW! I know it’s going to take a long process for me to put my harmful habits aside but i am fully motivated! Thank you so much! Your truly a wonderful person! I was sure i was going to have to pay some fee in order to access your guidance! The fact that you’re GIVING all your knowledge to people in? order for them to get healthy, is so generous of you!!!!
    Thank you!!!! <3

  • malikee88 says:

    Thank you for your video. I have struggled with a food addiction for years. I kept telling myself it was ok because I am an athlete. I was a swimming instructor at a local community college and I was swimming a mile a day, weight training an hr every day and walking like 3 miles a day and I was still at 375. I joined a? 12 step group for food adiction and after a year im down to about 305. I struggle everyday. I subscribed to your site and will watch all your videos for inspiration. Thanks

  • smoudily says:

    oops? i did it again…..

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