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Drug Addiction Treatment CA – California Drug Addiction Treatment Speaker, Dr. Stein, was certified by the American Society of Addiction Medicine in 1996. Dr Stein, provides those afflicted with drug and alcohol addiction the professional medical opinion and insight of the holistic drug rehabilitation program. Dr. Stein gained his practical experience for his required hours to achieve Board Certification as a Santa Cruz County Medical Director working directly with the addicted. www.drugrehab.net


A former drug addict shares his story for Addictions Awareness Week

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“It started out with just pot and alcohol like most kids, but for me it was different it was like an instant love affair,” explains Nik Hrominchuk in a phone interview from the Leipzig Serenity Retreat drug treatment centre. Hrominchuk says his …
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Rehab or jail: drugaddicts to have choice

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The Russian Drugs Watchdog is developing a program for those who are arrested after being found high on narcotics. The offenders will be able to choose between custody and treatment at a detox center. A bill will be submitted to the State Duma next …
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@CLeaderCBC crime prevention and drug addiction treatment programs work but are not glamorous as shiny boots on the ground – by kendp (Ken )


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