Does Anyone Know What Happened to Whitney Houston?and Where Is Her Daughter?

Question by lovinisright: does anyone know what happened to Whitney Houston?and where is her daughter?
the last thing i heard was about the drug rehab. she walked out of two years ago!

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Answer by Nancy Kay
She is currently working hard with producer Clive Davis on a musical comeback and has just recently filed for divorce from Bobby Brown (although some folks think that she’s just trying to scare him into straightening up his act). No mention was made of her daughter.

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Bill O’Reilly: Whitney Houston Wanted to Die…Attacks Ron Paul and Tony Bennett – Fox News toolbag blabs about drug addiction and drug prohibition and, as usual, pretends to know what he’s talking about.


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But, like Elvis, Michael Jackson, or Whitney Houston, to name but a few prodigies fallen by the wayside, personal happiness wasn't commensurate with popular success. And, like them, she became an addict; alcohol being her drug of choice. Dusty, it …
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  • Judge Joe Brown says:

    Checkout or

  • Bianca W says:

    She divorced Bobby Brown.

  • mlsshouk says:

    she is living off her money or whats left of it…and doing crack and her daughter is either in protected services or old enoughto live on her own……and i thought bodyguard was a slammin movie!!

  • pitbullcopper2004 says:

    I’m not saying that she is a crack head, she is just very “crackish”..

  • tweedy778 says:

    here are some good sites to check out whats going on in her mis guidied life. Oh she is only legally seperated from BB and Bobbi (her daughter) is around.

  • croc hunter fan says:

    Whitney Wants Out

    by Sarah Hall
    Sep 13, 2006, 1:35 PM PT

    Being Mrs. Bobby Brown no longer appeals to Whitney Houston.

    The “So Emotional” singer has filed for divorce from her husband of 14 years, citing irreconcilable differences, her rep, Nancy Seltzer, confirmed to E! News.

    a d v e r t i s e m e n t

    The court documents were filed Friday in Orange County, California. Though the filing was technically for a legal separation, Seltzer said Houston was referring to it as a divorce, as that was her intent.

    However, Brown’s attorney, Phaedra Parks, emphasized that the split had not yet reached that stage.

    “It is a legal separation. It is not a divorce or a divorce petition,” Parks told the Associated Press Wednesday.

    Houston requested custody of the couple’s 13-year-old daughter, Bobbi Kristina, with visitation rights for Brown. She asked that the couple’s property be divided later.

    Court proceedings are anticipated to begin next month.

    It’s certainly not the first bump in the road for Brown, 37, and Houston, 43, whose tumultuous union has been well chronicled both in the press and on camera since they wed on June 18, 1992.

    In between stints in jail for Brown and rehab for Houston, the couple’s marriage endured a trial separation, rumors of infidelity, drug addiction, domestic abuse and various encounters with the law.

    In December 2003, police were called to the couple’s Georgia home after Brown allegedly struck Houston during a heated argument.

    Though the twosome tried to handle the matter privately, Brown was ordered to stand trial for battery.

    Then came the duo’s bizarre TV turn on the Bravo reality series Being Bobby Brown, which provided viewers with far more than they needed to know about Brown and Houston’s bathroom habits, but failed to demystify the inner workings of their marriage.

    In January, reports surfaced once again that the pair were on the verge of divorce, despite Brown’s adamant denials.

    “We’re here and we’re gonna be together for a long time, so people can expect us to stay together,” the R&B singer told People magazine at the time. “I’m with my wife for the duration–and that’s life.”

    A few months later, Brown’s sister made headlines when she told the National Enquirer that the marriage was suffering because Houston was addicted to crack and provided photos of what she said was her sister-in-law’s bathroom, littered with apparent drug residue and garbage.

    However, Brown again defended his Grammy-winning wife, telling People he was “happily married.”

    “We are going to stand for each other for as long we live,” he said. “I adore that woman. She helps me see God. I look in her eyes and I see God.”

    Apparently, Brown’s eyes don’t hold the same allure for Houston.

    In recent months, the “I Will Always Love You” singer has made attempts to polish her public image.

    On Tuesday, she made a rare appearance at the Ella Awards with her cousin, Dionne Warwick, and longtime mentor Clive Davis.

    Houston is also working on a new album, her first since 2002’s Just Whitney.

    As for Brown, he reunited with New Edition in July for a performance at the Essence Musical Festival that received mixed reviews and plans to mount a full-scale New Edition tour in 2008.

  • Teresa A says:

    I heard that she and Bobby just broke up and are getting a divorce. If ya’ll or anyone has seen “Being Bobby Brown” it does not take a brain surgeon to realize there was some funky stuff goin on in that household by the way they were acting (especially Whitney) Sad too and what a waste!

  • rmilledge19 says:

    can’t believe you son of a b**** said that he had no right to say anything about her he did not know her smh I don’t think Whitney Houston want to kill himself I believe she was murdered smh Tony Bennett saying that at the Grammys party when she’s upstairs dead how the fuck does that going to? help her now say all this stuff when she was alive not after she dead smh

  • unknownunknownknow says:

    Bill is right . and if he is the most popular news show on the air .. It has something to say about how Americans feel .. even the ones? that do drugs and consume too much alcohol myself .. I begrudgingly agree .. Truth is the most unagreeable to the one that does wrong

  • Breerox108 says:

    I thought this was news….why? the hell is he giving his opinion?????

  • rgwynne100 says:

    there are plenty of ways to kill yourself. drink cleaning fluid, jump out the window, jump off a bridge, etc. should we outlaw cleaning fluids, windows and bridges? and the drugs she took, were prescribed! legal. in singapore, you also cant chew gum, media and society is strongly regulated. and it is the? size of a city, not a country. you cant save people from themselves.

  • Samsgarden says:

    Bill O’Reilly carrying the water for the neo-cons.? Whitney Housten took drugs volitionally so a myopic extremist news host advocates drug prohibition for all.

    If you want to watch this stuff, you deserve early onset of dementia.

  • tigermeeko says:

    SMH..who are u to say Whitney wanted to kill her self….did she tell u that personally?? No I doubt u even knew? her or anything about her except her drug addiction! but it’s ok karma is a bitch and you will get what’s coming to you. Even though Whitney struggled with drug addiction she still knew and tried her best to stay close to god & keep her sobriety. Yea drugs may have gotten the best of her but she was a human being just like u. Had feelings just like u. Had people who loved & cared abo

  • dudefromtheearth says:

    Yeah, and the U.S. government has shipped drugs into this? country sorry to say. There is records of it. Listen to Alex Jones. He has researched it. While prescription drugs are dangerous Marijuana is not. He just had to take the opportunity to take a slash at it.

  • Ninetyone11 says:

    google “Greater? Prejudice Through Right-Wing Ideology”

  • rootsxrocks says:

    let people kill themselves if they wish, use the money to treat those that need it. End the profit from illegal sales. you miss one important aspect, this MD was recorded and can? be held responsible for his mis-prescription, Try that with a black market dealer who doesn’t have his name on the pill bottle.

  • Iwalkwithalimp says:

    I agree? 100 %!! Why do you wear the clothes you wear? YOU WANT TO! Why do you drive the car you? YOU WANT TO!! Etc..etc..etcc.. STOP WHINING

  • lasemedinc says:


  • vincentca2004 says:

    The prescription drugs killed her Blow’Reilly. Legalizing increases quality and regulation because it will fall withing the legal system. Super profits will not be available so there will be no more drug cartels! Addiction of drugs, alcohol or any? other harmful substance is a health issue! What he is saying here, is so much propaganda it boggles the fuckn mind!

  • thedemoboy says:

    Billy-Boy is? a Bonehead.

  • postwala says:

    I dont smoke or take drugs because I am motivated to not do it by my mind and heart – may be through parents or others. It should be the same for every one. If govt? starts telling us – the only good thing would be is creating some useless jobs like this anchors.

  • MrConservative95 says:

    Well, I didn’t ask about? the history of marijuana, and for most people it would make a bum out of you… “Obviously, restrictions should be put if legalized like alcohol & cigs”… can you clarify?


    Yes Tony Bennett, let’s allow a bunch of coke heads, and guys on meth runs’ to be on our streets.

    O’Reilly the pompous imbecile. She took drugs because she? was rich, popular and worry free. She wasn’t becoming poor anytime soon. Hello, Bill, all celebs are on some form of drugs or have been.

  • atchisrj1 says:

    In Singapore they also execute drug? sellers and users. O’Reilly is such a dick.

  • jwahl023 says:

    what a frickin moron! typical fox commentary: unfair and unbalanced. her demise was like so many other celebs and others. big pharma is in it for the money… treat the symptoms don’t worry about a cure because there’s not big bucks if we find cures. as far as i’m concerned it’s the pharmaceutical industries and pinheads like mr. o’reilly’s fault… ?

  • takerdust says:

    I hate opinion based news. Please give? me the facts and I’ll think for myself.

  • eclecticfuzz says:

    Wow, that’s ignorant. Weed doesn’t make you a bum. It’s been used for medicine, cooking, clothing & paper for thousands of years. Even Washington, Jefferson, & Einstein supported it. Some U.S. meds have Marinol; synthetic THC supported by? FDA, DEA, & NAS. No license, just a regular script in any state. Plus, hemp = source of bioenergy; FUEL. REASONABLE LEGALIZATION DOESN’T MEAN GOING NUTS. Obviously, restrictions should be put if legalized like alcohol & cigs.

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