Can Convicted Felons and Homeless People Vote?

Question by jitterbug: Can convicted felons and homeless people vote?
Im asking because just now on tv, they stated that people in Ohio are going to drug rehabs and homeless shelters to pick people up to vote. Is this legal?

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Answer by John S
Don’t people have to have an address to register vote? If you are homeless you wouldn’t have one.

Where I live you have to register to vote & have to provide proof of where you live. How would homeless people do that?

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13 Responses to Can Convicted Felons and Homeless People Vote?

  • Gen. Stiggo [Atheati-in-Chief] says:

    In only a few states do convicted felons lose their right to vote upon release. I know of no state that prohibits the homeless from voting, as that would probably not be constitutional.

  • StromsDaughter says:

    If the are american citizens an in some states you can vote after you serve your time.

  • Forget War Buy More says:

    It depends on the state.

  • Marina says:

    Ah, the creme del la creme! Obama desperation. Love it!

  • 2 cents says:

    you can vote in the county jail as long as you have not been convicted..while you are awaiting trial..homeless need a permanent address,

  • Michael S says:

    Convicted felons–It depends on whether their rights have been restored. Usually they haven’t. But not everyone in drug rehab is a convicted felon.

    Homeless people–Of course homeless people can vote. We don’t use wealth or property ownership as a pre-condition for the right to vote. That was a British concept that we rejected long ago.

  • Super Freak says:

    as long as the convicted felon isn’t on probation/parol yes

    and why wouldn’t a homeless person be allowed to vote
    to think they shouldn’t is rather simple minded and shows an obvious lack of constitutional knowledge

  • I am me and no one else says:

    Homeless people are allowed to vote… convicted felons are not (unless the rules have changed somewhere)…. I think anyone that is able to prove they are law abiding citizen of the United States and the State you are voting in that you should be able to vote… but if you can’t well then sorry..

    because then how would we know if illegal aliens or people from other countries aren’t voting when they shouldn’t be and when they are not legally allowed to do so…

  • Morgan says:

    You have to register, but I believe you can. It’s your constitutional right.

  • miriam s says:

    I guess it is,I have hear the same thing! I dont agree with it at all!Neither pay taxes and why should a felon be allowed to vote?Its really shady if you ask me!

  • puppetmastersp99 says:

    Felons who have served their time can vote, at least they can in my state. I don’t know about homeless people but if they have an address and can get an ID, which you can also get free in my state if you know where to go, you can vote.

  • darrin b says:

    Convicted felons can vote.

    Here’s a link to show you how each state allows its convicted felons to vote:

    If the homeless are registered and have proper ID, I see no reason why they can’t vote.

  • McBush says:

    Felons Can’t vote Period In my State, don’t know about ather states, and for the homeless you need a address. Some use the local missions address for there mail. It is hard to think about it but homeless people are not all Old guys in ratty close with a wine bottle in there hand. There are family’s that are homeless and have just lost there house. These people were just like us not that long ago. So yes if they can provide a fiscal address they can vote.

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