Boycott the Salvation Army (Canada)


Boycott the Salvation Army (Canada) – A queer Canadian perspective.


Nine Network hosts town hall on heroin addiction among young people

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He told of waking up each morning with the only goal of finding the more than $ 100 needed daily to feed his drug habit. Stanton said he had been clean for several months, thanks to injections of the drug Vivitrol through a Salvation Army treatment program.
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Local LHIN receives .2m for addiction treatment programs

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Ontario Minister of Health Deb Matthews announced Wednesday that the province will put $ 15 million toward increasing access to treatment programs for opioid addictions. In Hamilton, that means new life for the Salvation Army's New Choices program — an …
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The Caring Place bearing blame for all others

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Within a one block radius, the following agencies are located: Haney Public House and liquor store, the One Way Club, Maple Ridge Treatment Centre and the Salvation Army's Caring Place. The One Way Club deals with addicts in addiction recovery. The …
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12 Responses to Boycott the Salvation Army (Canada)

  • dykersonrws says:

    You probably are super religious due to the fact this bothers you. Guarantee you burn in “hell” for your bigotry. You are no better than a sexist, racist southern white man in the late 1800’s. Wake up.

  • gundamiester says:

    Homosexuality is like? a addiction

  • IamAbillionaireNow says:

    Please don’t think that people can be PRESSURED TO AGREE WITH YOUR VIEWS on sexual perversion. Having different views on sexual orientation IS NOT HATE/homophobia! A phobia is a fear of something. If that were the case, then EVERYONE who disagrees with Christianity is Christophobic, with Muslims?? is Muslimphobic etc.God LOVES ALL HOMOSEXUALS, PEDOPHILES, PROSTITUTES, DRUG ADDICTS ETC…..

  • IamAbillionaireNow says:

    ….He hates the lie that satan & their emotions/physiology has convinced them that they cannot change. It’s hard, but that GIFT OF GODS LOVE opens up the heart to see who they are truly created to be. With God MANY discovered the root causes? of their issues & turned from their lifestyles. With man (human effort,) it is IMPOSSIBLE. But WITH God ALL things are possible. BTW, Jesus paid the price for you to approach God freely, so Old Testament Law is fulfilled i.e no stoning. Love God& neighbor.

  • blizzard762 says:

    In the event you? weren’t aware of this, attempting to insult an openly gay man by informing him of his homosexual orientation smacks of vacuousness and a lack of effort on your part.

  • Nathaniel Christopher says:

    Not that you? know of.

  • cmeyaut001 says:

    No I do not speak to my sons like that because they? are not homo’s

  • Nathaniel Christopher says:

    Is this how you speak to your sons, Chris Meyer? Where’d you pick up this homophobia? I thought better of New Zealanders… Perhaps it’s something? you picked up in the South African Navy.

  • cmeyaut001 says:

    Hey you? homo!!! so what!!!! get over it!!!!!

  • justanoldman1 says:

    What all of you forget is that the salvation army is a? religion and therefore they have to right not to agree with homosexuals getting married, it is in our laws. Frankly I don’t care one way or the other but churches do have the right to express their opinions.

  • Nathaniel Christopher says:

    And the Salvation has, as I’ve explained to you, done more? than just politely express their opinion against equal marriage. At nearly every turn they’ve used their resources to oppose expanding equality to LGBT Canadians. Up until 1986 homosexuality was a criminal offence in New Zealand. When a bill was proposed that would decriminalise consensual sex between men the SA active throughout the country gathering signatures for a petition to prevent the bill from passing.

  • Nathaniel Christopher says:

    Discrimination is discrimination. There are varying degrees of it, from those who outwardly support the execution of gays (which is consistent with the Bible I might add), to those who, as you say,? disagree with the constitutional definition of marriage in this country.

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