Bob Forrest & MusiCares: Why Drug and Alcohol Addiction Intervention Fail


Bob Forrest & MusiCares: Why Drug and Alcohol Addiction Intervention Fail – It’s very hard to get through to artists when they are engrossed in addiction. Addictions Interventions don’t always work. Even with family and loved ones begging someone to go to rehab, people will walk away from an addiction intervention because they are not ready. According to Celebrity Rehab’s Bob Forrest, that often correlates to the size of a person’s ego. Many people still don’t see drug addiction as a disease, yet with addiction people are dying right in front of our eyes. MusiCares® acknowledges that a vital part of addiction recovery is support and aftercare services. The implementation of recovery support groups help ensure that MAP Fund clients are receiving the tools that they need in order to maintain a clean and sober lifestyle. Please help MusiCares® continue with this important work. Learn how at


Operation OpioidSAFE Rescues Wounded Soldiers From Prescription Drug

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13, 2012 — /PRNewswire/ — The United States Army is taking action to help wounded soldiers avoid the added crisis of a prescription drug addiction. Doctors and researchers are now … Since 2008, Major Anthony Dragovich, MD, has worked with the …
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Group at churches offers support for drug-addict helpers

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Parents, spouses or friends who find themselves trying to help someone struggling with drug addiction can get discouraged when their efforts don't seem to be succeeding. Parents of Addicted Loved Ones, also called PAL-Groups, tries to keep their …
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Hundreds fight drug addiction with prayer

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With hands lifted and prayers raised, hundreds continued to fight against drug abuse, and the crowd at Fire in the Mountains believed prayer was the only answer. Especially for those who have been through the fight before. “I was a drug addict for 10 …
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17 Responses to Bob Forrest & MusiCares: Why Drug and Alcohol Addiction Intervention Fail

  • ralphjones11 says:

    Great job!?

  • speeddemon002 says:

    Look what happened to amy? winehouse

  • Sebmpg says:

    This man is an? angel.

  • SlackerSlayer says:

    I didn’t say a thing about opiate addiction. Yes it is a hell of a thing to try and quit, but the legalization of all intoxicants is mandated by the ninth amendment and the love for liberty over police state soviet crack downs on the innocent.

    I’d rather see the not so innocent ones taking the risks, and leave the innocent ones out of the police targets. What would you? rather see, more and more innocent people being killed over the over jealous police actions on the wrong addresses?

  • frank drebin says:

    i would disagree. you never dealt with a physicaly addicting drug it seems. coke will screw with your mind and you will crave it, that is for sure.. but you will not be sick for two weeks if you miss a dose. heroin addiction, specificly, is a re occuring issue . it is a disease. as somebody who has been through it. i have no need for propoganda. im glad you over came your coke habit, but it was a habit, not a physical addiction that your body truly? depended on.

  • Mary Kate Daniiher says:

    Bless? you Bob Forest for your work.

  • BlackLabelSlushie says:

    “It changes the? bio-chemistry”

    I guess the million dollar question? is whether the biochemistry ever goes back to normal. If not, then I guess by definition you now have a permanent condition.

  • SlackerSlayer says:

    I would have to agree with the quack tommy cruze that most of psychiatrists (not the surgeon types) are quacks practicing? quackery. But there are some sever cases they do provide a service.

  • SlackerSlayer says:

    It changes the? bio-chemistry is the only possible relation to a disease. So what do they do to balance the chemistry? Different drugs.

  • SlackerSlayer says:

    Is very different than a recurring cancer. Stop with the bs propaganda. What difference you? ask? The ego choice of it all.

    If you want to beat coke, the next time your friend chops up the lines and offers you the glass, tell them to do it first, then take the glass and blow it all over the floor. Hopefully into a shag carpet. That person will not be offering any more.

    I stopped using coke just like that, and not buying any more. No Problem.

  • JaxBeach2NewportBch says:

    Bob is a good counselor. But? hes a complete wack job on politics and religion.

  • frank drebin says:

    as a recovering addict. i would say addiction is? a disease, but in the sense that you have to infet yourself with that disease first. once you do, its no different then any re occuring form of cancer of disease.

  • SONVOLTGIRL55 says:

    bob you are my hero for what you do ive been sober 12 they say one day at a time?

  • From out There says:

    After 15 years of alcohol, crack and shooting up heroine i`am 7 years clean on this moment,
    and still sometimes it rings in my head,.. difference is, now i? can handle those demons and i will not go back to Hell !!

  • BlackLabelSlushie says:

    Again, my answer is 1. I don’t know and 2. “disease” model is not proven. 3. it’s super interesting but the more I think of it, it’s not realy the most critical thing for me to worry about in practice. Call it a habit, disease, call it Bob. I call it a huge problem that has been fucking up my life for? 3 years and if it goes on could completely ruin the quality of the rest of my life. I think that captures it without making it my identity.

  • BlackLabelSlushie says:

    “Maybe we should trust doctors?”

    I have 2 doctors in my family, one of whom was an addict (alcohol). You might check the physicisans site physicians(dot…)

    “…physicians’ views of alcoholism were reviewed at an August? 1997 conference held by the International Doctors of Alcoholics Anonymous (IDAA). A survey of physicians reported at that conference found that 80 percent of responding doctors perceived alcoholism as simply bad behavior.”

  • Flipper79able says:

    Dude, scientists barley have the brain figured out. We haven’t unlocked all the secrets of the brain. For instance we can’t give brain surgeries to correct most mental illnesses…but we know through behavioral therapy that certain people suffer from schizophrenia and bipolar….just like addiction. Should we question those brain illnesses just cause it can’t be? proven without a doubt? The AMA has recognized addiction as a disease sense the 50’s. Maybe we should trust doctors?

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